Easily Create Comic Strips From Any Video and Make Stories Out of Personalized Scenarios and Fantasies

The Comicish App has been released. Its concept introduces a new digital content production method that suggests a new market and monetization platform for the stock footages also film & TV industry contents. By using Comicish, users can easily create comic strips from their own or favorite videos and make a story out of their scenarios, memories or fantasies.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Comicish is a redefinition of the comic strip based on the current user needs and by leveraging today's technology. Its goal is to enable creative people without drawing skills to create comic strips using any video, and create a story out of their memories, ideas, and fantasies.​ Comicish's concept suggests a new digital content production method that can create a new market and monetization platform for stock footage as well as Film & TV industry content, and would bring new opportunities for advertising, user engagement, and media production by adding value to video frames.

Today's smartphones enable people to capture high-quality videos. At the same time, people seem to be less interested in viewing the whole length of a video. Instead, almost everybody favors seeing the whole content or message at a glance. This is where Comicish would shine; by providing the users with an environment in which they can create comic strip from any video footage and represent the whole story combined with their scenarios or fantasies in one or multiple comic pages.

Why videos?

The unique fact about videos is that whether it’s a personal video captured by a smartphone or a professionally produced movie scene, it always contains a location, acts, and emotions within its frames. Comicish allows users to create their own comic strips simply by scrolling through the video frames and choosing the ones that best match their story. Imagine how many facial expressions can be found in only 10 seconds of video footage of a news reporter talking. There is a sequence of facial expressions such as talking, laughing, and wondering in a few seconds. Each of these expressions may match part of someone's story. By combining them, users will have their full comic story in one or multiple comic pages. Now imagine there are billions of personal and professional video contents available.

How this can benefit the users (both consumers and film & media / advertisement companies)

There are two types of users for Comicish: Content consumers and content producers. The first group is the movie and video fans who would like to turn their ideas, stories or fantasies into a comic strip by using the frames of their favorite films, series, music videos, and stock footage. The second group is the film companies, social media platforms, game companies, and stock footage stores for providing their contents for frame licensing, generating more engagement for their products and advertisement purposes.

How it works 

Comicish is an app that enables users to choose comic templates, scroll on their video and extract their desire frames to put in the selected templates, add the dialogue boxes, stickers, and effects and create a comic story. The film production companies and stock footages stores can get more fan engagement by embedding Comicish into their websites. They can also develop a new market for selling the framed license of their original contents for anybody who desires to create a comic story based on those content and his/her own ideas.

One of the other advantages of using Comicish for the content creators is to attract inspiring ideas more easily:

The content creators may encourage their fans to use their content and come up with their own stories. By doing so, the content creators may have a much better idea about the fan theories, what the fans would like to see, and what may look more appealing to them.

Comicish App is now available on App Store for iPhone in two versions; a Basic version which is totally free and the pro version with more features and templates which is only $0.99.

Comicish idea, concept, and App is available for investment or license.

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