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We have created a blog with the aim of encouraging teenagers to respect Nature. We have two categories: ecology and education. Besides, the readers can get the information in Spanish and English

February 14th, 2010 ecologia-educacion Edit 3 comments

"The way we value the degree of education of the peoples and men is the way they treat animals" (Berthold Auerbach, German writer)

Friends of Nature,

we start with a blog in which we are going to speak about the influences between education and ecology, if we want a better future for our children. Today we are simply saying our goals.

We understand for ECOLOGY not only not to make mountains dirty or to throw the rubbish in the suitable container or not to leave the bathroom tap open. ECOLOGY is:

- a good relationship of man with the environment. We are not born educated. We must learn how to respect Nature. Therefore, our interest in joining education and ecology: Children and teenagers must be taught in this subject.

- the big relation among all the beings living in the Earth; so, if we damage the planet, this damage is given back to us.

We understand for EDUCATION not only to learn about different subjects or to learn how to behave in society. Education is:

- to value our environment

- to respect what is around us

- to encourage behaviours in society, with solidarity and respect for our planet.

These are the reasons to join ecology and education. This is the main objective of our blog. And another one is to share comments and suggestions which can help in our educative task, and so to avoid that the Earth goes to a "rubbish collector".

We claim our first DEMAND: ECOLOGY must be a compulsory subject in the Second stage of education!


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