Empirix Releases Industry's First Self-Service, End-to-End Test Solution for Contact Centers and Enterprise Voice Networks

Assure customer experience with flexible, cloud-based test automation

Empirix® Inc., the leader in test automation and network and service performance monitoring, assurance and analytics, today announced the availability of new functionality in their Hammer Cloud Platform, making it the industry’s first self-service test automation solution capable of testing and monitoring the performance of the network, infrastructure and applications from a call’s point of origin to its endpoint.

The need for flexible, self-service end-to-end testing has become even more critical as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has, in a matter of months, forced millions of agents and workers worldwide to work remotely. This shift has led to a substantial change in network traffic patterns, creating capacity and reliability issues with firewalls, VPNs, SBCs, and home networks.

“Technical issues have a significant impact on customer experience and can cost companies billions of dollars,” states Edoardo Rizzi, SVP of Product Management and Marketing at Empirix. “Enabling companies to execute end-to-end tests via the cloud gives them the flexibility they need to improve the quality of service and, therefore, customer experience.”

The latest release of Hammer Cloud leverages a hybrid architecture to enable the placement of endpoints anywhere in the world, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to improve customer experience across carriers, clouds, contact center applications, CTI routing, and networks.

Additional capabilities enabled by this new release include the ability to create synchronized calling and answering test scripts, evaluate CTI attached data, execute fully automated complex use cases such as blind and attended agent transfers, and manage thousands of automated virtual agent endpoints – all from within the Hammer Cloud interface.

Hammer Cloud is available today as either a managed or self-service model, making test automation accessible to any size network, company, budget or number of endpoints.

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