Enjoy Home Cooking With a Local Host in Japan Through airKitchen

Cooking class in a Japanese local home

Sharing service “airKitchen” performed by ZAZA Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) has become popular with overseas visitors in Japan. airKitchen provides a chance to visit ordinary family's homes to cook and eat home-cooked meals together with local hosts. (URL: https://airkitchen.me/list/tokyo.php

For visitors in Japan, “Washoku (Japanese traditional food)” is one of the most popular options. Furthermore, the number of travelers who want to learn to cook Washoku is increasing these days. To meet these kinds of requests, airKitchen provides opportunities to experience local Japanese cooking.

The airKitchen matching platform service uses the internet to connect visitors with Japanese hosts who wish to entertain overseas guests with their home cooking in Japan. Using airKitchen, overseas guests can visit local Japanese family homes during their travels and make Japanese home-cooked meals together with a Japanese cooking host.

Already more than 80 countries' tourists have enjoyed Japanese home-cooking experiences through airKitchen in Japan. Anyone, whether on a solo trip or a group/family trip, can participate in these cooking classes. It would normally be held with several other visitors as well, so you can also enjoy communicating with each other and share your experiences on your trip's. Hong Kong user Caroline used airKitchen in Tokyo and left the following comment: “My chance to have cultural exchange with a Japanese host by making Japanese food together in their home was the most memorable part of my trip. I want to make the recipes I learned there again once I get back to Hong Kong!”

The cooking experience airKitchen provides a wide variety of menu items to choose from. From a restaurant-style Japanese food, such as sushi or tempura, to the common home-style cooking like rice balls (onigiri) or dumplings (gyoza) and even Japanese character lunch (bento) boxes inspired by cartoons (anime), users can choose their favorite menu items that fits what they’re looking for from a wide variety of cooking experiences.

Not only going sightseeing type of places but also cooking Japanese traditional food in ordinary homes give you a great chance to experience Japanese local life. Hop onto airKitchen and see what’s available on your next trip!

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