EveLab Insight Leverages AI Skin Analyzer to Participate in Publishing Evaluation Criteria for Human Skin Aging

Two panoramic AI skin analyzers developed by EveLab insight are set to precisely analyze skin conditions among various shades.

More and more people believe that body check-ups are a significant part of a healthy routine, as examinations can give early warnings for developing conditions. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, more than 90% of the respondents think it's important to get annual physicals. Skin, as the largest organ of our body, needs to be checked more regularly to provide more time and options for any given conditions. And just like more common check-ups, such as blood pressure, glucose, etc., skin aging analysis requires standardized scientific metrics instead of naked-eye examinations. 

EveLab Insight has dedicated years of research to the causes and solutions of skincare issues. Through its continuously updated deep-learning algorithm, EveLab Insight elevates skin analysis to a more comprehensive level. Recently, EveLab Insight participated in publishing Evaluation Criteria for Human Skin Aging. The findings not only accelerate the standardization of the beauty industry but also significantly advance the field of dermatology - bridging the gap of Asian skin standards across the globe.

The research used unprecedented quantitative skin analysis from EveLab Insight image processing technology to evaluate the degree of skin aging. What's more, it reveals signs of aging with broader coverage down to nine levels of each dimension, including skin, nails, scalp/hair, and sebaceous glands. Evaluation Criteria for Human Skin Aging definitely lays the foundation of product efficacy and safety, and other skin aging-related research.

The publication of Evaluation Criteria for Human Skin Aging accelerates the standardization of the beauty industry. Consumer behavior is changing. They have less time but are more conscientious. Beauty advisors, being the liaison between brands and consumers, significantly influence consumers' purchasing behavior. However, with consumers' increased skincare knowledge, consumers are seeking more scientific and convincing skin assessments. With the launch of Evaluation Criteria for Human Skin Aging, EveLab Insight is able to reshape and consolidate the trust bond between brands and consumers. 

Two panoramic AI skin analyzers - EVE M and EVE V, developed by EveLab insight, are set to precisely analyze skin conditions among various shades, from pale to dark skin. In the near future, EveLab Insight is aiming to expand skin standardization across more regions and more shades across the globe. 

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Source: EveLab Insight


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