Evergreen Consumer Brands Acquires Rights to Salon Selectives® for European Union

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Evergreen Consumer Brands announced today it has expanded its Salon Selectives® Trade Mark rights to the European Union.

Salon Selectives features an extensive range of trusted hair care products, including shampoo, conditioners, styling aids and treatments for all hair types. Salon Selectives was the first salon-inspired mass market hair care brand in the global market. Salon Selectives was originally introduced by Helene Curtis in 1987. In 1996 Unilever acquired Salon Selectives. In 2011 the line was relaunched to give consumers salon quality product at everyday value pricing. In 2018 Salon Selectives was acquired by Evergreen Consumer Brands for several global markets including North America.

“We are excited to reintroduce Salon Selectives to the European market. Salon Selectives has a very positive history throughout Europe. The European consumer is going to be excited to once again have the opportunity to purchase Salon Selectives,” says Steve Immel, Co-CEO of Evergreen Consumer Brands.

“Evergreen will launch Salon Selectives throughout Europe in 2019, our goal is to appeal to the consumer seeking Premium Value products that consistently deliver quality, and innovative offerings at affordable prices. Our focus will be all channels of retail including mass, drug, food and value. We are very confident that Salon Selectives will offer a compelling value proposition to consumers across Europe, we are excited about our newest launch,” says Bruce M.Friedman, Co-CEO of Evergreen Consumer Brands.

“Evergreen will continue to produce Salon Selectives at its manufacturing headquarters in Ontario, Canada. Evergreen, will develop line extensions and formulations specifically targeted for the European consumer,” says Susan McCabe, Chief Marketing Officer.

About Evergreen Consumer Brands

Evergreen Consumer Brands has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, marketing, and distributing Health and Beauty products. Evergreen owns, a portfolio of personal care and household brands and licenses including Daily Defense, Salon Selectives, Silkience, Spa Haus, Lavoris, PureSilk, Barbasol, Tame, EarthScents, Inspire, Redline and Dubble Bubble. Evergreen is the leading manufacturer of Premium Value Health and Beauty products globally. Evergreen “coined” the term Premium Value to best describe its family of products. Evergreen’s core philosophy is to deliver a premium user experience at a value price. As a Canadian based company, Evergreen is socially and environmentally responsible and always looking at ways to be a better global citizen.

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