Experiential Marketing Experts Affected by COVID-19 Launch Playhaus Designs to Bring Fun Creative Builds and Purposeful Play to Your Bedroom, Backyard or Basement

Playhaus Custom Room Takeover

​Dara Frank and Elizabeth Santana are proud to announce the launch of Playhaus. Playhaus is a design and fabrication studio specializing in room takeover custom imaginative play builds as well as build your own kits to provide new play areas for kids and adults.

Dara and Elizabeth have designed, built and installed large scale event activations at major events like Comic Con International for Netflix, American Express, Mattel and others. Business was strong and they were busy, then COVID-19 hit and building anything for live events was the first thing brands put on hold indefinitely. Unsure on how long events would be on hold and looking at an unsure future their phone rang, and a new business was born.

“I was at home playing with my toddler and got a call from an executive we had worked with in the past. She explained that working from home and keeping her kids busy was difficult and could we design and build her a playroom that her kids would love and have a small workspace in there for her as well,” said Dara Frank, Co-Founder – Playhaus. “We met over zoom, pitched her ideas and our first build and new business was born.”

Custom builds are only half the story as Playhaus has something for every budget through their out of the box kits that start at $750 and only take 90 minutes to assemble. These kits are for people who find a custom project too daunting or lack the space that a room takeover would require.

“Our main focus is on creating amazing bedroom, backyard and basement spaces for kids because we know so many people were caught without summer plan options with so many camps and other plans being put on hold,” said Elizabeth Jenkins, Co-Founder Playhaus. “Because we have many years of experience our custom builds are safe and blend into the décor of your home and don’t take away from your style. The Playhaus out of the box kits are also safe and consist of designs you won’t see anywhere else.”

Playhaus currently offers custom build services the east coast to Texas as well as Los Angeles with national coverage coming in early 2021 with kits being offered nationally right now.

For more information on Playhaus please go to www.playhausdesigns.com or call 305-924-0530.


Playhaus is a minority run female owned business specializing in designing and building custom room takeovers, play structures and build yourself kits encouraging purposeful play for kids bedrooms, basements and backyards. Playhaus is a new venture from Dara Frank and Elizabeth Jenkins, two experiential marketing experts having built conference activations pre-COVID-19 for American Express, Mattel and Netflix.

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