Fairwinds Insights Adds Kubernetes Cost Allocation and Quality of Service Controls

AWS billing data helps developers and operations teams right-size application budgets and resources

Fairwinds, the leading provider of Kubernetes governance and security software, today announced the newest version of Fairwinds Insights, its flagship software to simplify Kubernetes complexity, reduce risk and enable developer self-service to achieve production-readiness faster. The newest features focus on creating accurate cost allocation within Kubernetes by using AWS billing data and quality of service (QoS) control to help with application right sizing.

DevOps teams are tasked with making sure Kubernetes runs efficiently and reliably. Without correct knowledge of compute requirements or provisioning detail, it is easy for developers to provide too few or too many resources (CPU/Memory) for their apps, making them less reliable and driving up costs. With accurate Kubernetes cost allocation, Fairwinds Insights enables better decision-making and granular visibility into costs that traditional cloud cost tools cannot provide. Additionally, the new QoS controls let Dev and Ops teams collaborate on application right-sizing, giving purpose-built recommendations that eliminate guesswork and drive better workload efficiency and performance.

"As more and more application teams use Kubernetes, finance departments are paying closer attention to their overall cloud cost consumption," said Joe Pelletier, vice president of product at Fairwinds. "With our AWS billing integration, Ops teams are able to drive greater service ownership with accurate and transparent spending on their products running in Kubernetes. Further, our new QoS controls help them see where there is resource waste or room to invest more. These new Insights features help DevOps teams make sure their apps are working for their business." 

Fairwinds recently released the Kubernetes Configuration Benchmark Report 2021, which found Kubernetes cluster misconfiguration is a common occurrence. Of the more than 100,000 workloads analyzed, 60% did not have memory limits or memory requests set, 53% had memory limits set too high (resulting in wasted/unnecessary resources) and 70% had resource requests set too low on at least 10% of their workloads. Today's Fairwinds Insights feature updates address reliability and efficiency concerns that organizations experience and will help them address these challenges in a cost-effective way.

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