Family Sues After Michigan Girl, 17, Denied Kidney Transplant for Refusing Shots

Lawsuit to be funded by We The Patriots USA

Alisa Campau and family

A federal lawsuit has been filed in the Western District of Michigan against Spectrum Health Hospitals/Helen Devos Children's Hospital today, on behalf of a 17 year-old Michigan girl who the plaintiff says has been denied placement on the kidney transplant wait list, after refusing certain medical interventions—including the covid and flu shots— due to the family's religious beliefs.  Alisa Campau has end-stage renal disease and only minimal functioning in her one remaining kidney.  She currently relies on regular dialysis treatments to survive.  Alisa's parents adopted her from Ukraine last summer.

Jenna Campau, Alisa's adoptive mother, is the named plaintiff in the lawsuit.  According to the federal complaint, Jenna and her husband "are opposed to any vaccine or other medical product that is produced using aborted fetal cells."  The complaint further alleges that the hospital refused to exempt Alisa from its vaccination requirements, denying Alisa the opportunity to even be evaluated for placement on the transplant list.

The lawsuit is being funded by the nonprofit organization We The Patriots USA, Inc.  Attorneys Norm Pattis and Christopher DeMatteo of Pattis & Smith, LLC are the lead counsel, with Attorney James A. Thomas serving as local counsel in Michigan.  WTP USA has organized a fundraiser for the Campaus's lawsuit, with a goal of $50,000 for legal expenses, but to date has raised less than $16,000.  According to the fundraiser page, WTP USA is "seeking to establish a vitally important precedent for all Americans, i.e. that no person may ever be denied life-saving medical treatment just for refusing a shot."

Among other things, the lawsuit seeks judgments declaring that the hospital violated the law by denying Alisa a religious accommodation; a permanent injunction prohibiting the hospital from requiring the shots as a condition of Alisa being evaluated for the transplant, being placed on the transplant list, or receiving the transplant; and monetary damages.  As Jenna explains, it is critical that Alisa be placed on the pediatric transplant list before she turns 18 this July.  "The wait time for adult transplants is three to five years.  Pediatric transplant patients receive high priority, so Alisa could receive a kidney within months." 

A press conference is scheduled for 11 a.m. this Monday, May 16, 2022 in front of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, located at 110 Michigan Street NW in Grand Rapids.  Attorney Thomas will be present to answer questions, along with plaintiff Jenna Campau.

Press inquiries may be directed to [email protected]

Source: We The Patriots USA, Inc.


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