Fictionphile is Go-to Site for News, Reviews and Features Across Fiction Genre's Mediums

Fictionphile is go-to site for fiction lovers - across genres.

​The new year is here. And with it comes the expansion of a unique resource that unites lovers of fiction. Meet Fictionphile. It’s the fast-growing go-to site for access to feature articles and reviews across the genre – and more importantly, across all its mediums.

​Fictionphile is the brainchild of Jason Boyd, a copywriter and former journalist, who over the years put his communications skills to work for several Fortune 500 companies. As editor in chief of the site, he seeks to provide readers with compelling and original content on all-things fiction – whether it be in movies, videos, books, comics, games, or on TV. Site contributors include Hugo Award winners, academic, plain old-fashioned fantasy and science fiction nerds and fictional literature aficionados. Likewise, readers are encouraged to submit their own content for consideration.

“The goal with Fictionphile was to break down the walls that often separate fiction by medium and instead, unify all fiction lovers. Our content is analytical, informative and entertaining. You won’t see stories that pit Star Wars against Star Trek, but you may see articles that explore the similarities between Samurai and Jedi,” said Boyd. “We can get pretty granular and very in-depth with our content and analyses or we may simply share ‘best of’ lists. Regardless, our audience really embraces our multi-faceted approach.”

Recent articles on the site cover a spectrum of topics, including the 20 Most Influential Science Fiction Short Stories of the 20th Century; a review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker; news about a series on FX based on the horror novel, Carrie; 12 Made-Up Destinations We Wish We Could Visit; and the story behind the Lunar Lander game. In other words, if it’s fiction and it’s timely, Fictionphile’s writers are probably talking about it.

“Most sites for fiction enthusiasts stick to one medium or another but we believe in the interdisciplinary nature of the category. We embrace the diverse interests of our readers in the ever-evolving world of fiction delivery and are excited to continue to provide fun and thought-provoking content that unites us,” Boyd added.

For more information, go to or @fictionphile on Facebook and Pinterest or @fictionphilemag on Twitter.

For media inquiries, contact Jason Boyd, 972-684-9310 or [email protected] 

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