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Safety Direct understands the genuine requirements of the customers and their need for ensuring the supreme level of safety and protection in the workplace.

Fire at workplace is a hazardous situation in which a number of lives are at stake. In most of the workplaces including high-rise buildings and large premises, the threat of fire is a major issue and this emergency situation needs to be handled efficiently so that the danger may not lead to a disaster or calamity.

November - Ireland; Fire safety holders and stands are used to station fire extinguishers at offices or industries. They save drilling into walls. They can station single or multiple extinguishers. Fire extinguisher holders and stands at Safety Direct are available from a well established brand like Dependable. They save much trouble for premises without suitably solid walls. They are designed to fit all sizes and makes of extinguishers.

Fire accidents at workplaces have proved to be one of the biggest disaster s in the world of today. Fire is a threat, especially to the high rise buildings and big establishments that are scattered almost in all corners of the world. It is therefore not only a necessity but also a moral and legal obligation for all business organizers and employers to assure their employees a safe and healthy working environment.

Safety Direct offers you the best quality fire extinguishers that work in all kind of situations. Fire protection and suppression has to be an immediate act once such a disaster falls upon. Our Safety Direct products have ensured longevity and quality to hold up your expectations in fighting ablazed zones. Safety Direct provides you the premium services for your basic fire protection supplies

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