Flowmon Leverages Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Traffic Mirroring to Bring Customers Actionable Insight Within Cloud Infrastructure

Native Support for Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring Enables Customers to Keep Their Amazon VPCs Secure and Functional

Flowmon Networks, a vendor of advanced network monitoring and security solutions, has announced that its Flowmon solution is among the first to support Amazon Virtual Public Cloud (Amazon VPC) traffic mirroring from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Flowmon customers can now have transparency for their Amazon VPC infrastructure to detect and quickly respond to network anomalies, security threats and application performance issues.

Enterprises are used to having a deep level of visibility in their on-premises infrastructure, enabling them to ensure that critical services support business goals and satisfaction of users. However, with the transition to cloud environments, enterprises lack visibility into the network traffic since they cannot support traditional monitoring approaches such as L2 tapping or SPAN/mirror. Flowmon's native use of Amazon VPC traffic mirroring gives Flowmon customers the same level of control over their cloud assets as if they were monitoring on-premises infrastructure.

"We are excited about Amazon VPC traffic mirroring. It gives customers of Flowmon Collector on AWS visibility into their cloud workloads in a few clicks. Resolving performance issues and detecting anomalies and security threats is now as easy as in the on-premises world," said Pavel Minarik, Chief Technology Officer at Flowmon Networks

Pavel Minarik,

Chief Technology Officer at Flowmon Networks.

Flowmon has worked together with AWS to be able to bring this feature to customers at the time of its global launch.

Amazon VPC traffic mirroring provides monitoring and security tools with packet capture traces from Elastic Network Interface (ENI). Taking advantage of this feature, Flowmon empowers NetOps and SecOps teams with instant insight into their Amazon VPCs using analytics and intelligence to investigate threats and performance degradation.

Flowmon is a network monitoring and analytics solution bringing context-rich visibility for mission-critical IT operations. It delivers network and security teams capabilities for effective identification of network degradation, quick troubleshooting of incidents, reporting, capacity planning as well as detecting anomalies and cyber threats that are bypassing perimeter and signature-based solutions. With its cloud-centric focus and hyper-scalable design, it allows real-time monitoring across on-premise, virtual, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

A detailed description of Flowmon's support of AWS VPC traffic mirroring can be found in this blog.

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