Flxpoint Launches Complete Distributed Order Management Platform for Enterprise Retailers and Brands

Flxpoint platform enables retailers and brands to seamlessly increase product catalogs, expedite vendor onboarding, ease accounting and customer service operations, and accelerate sales.


Ecommerce technology company Flxpoint released its complete multi-channel distributed order management platform for enterprise retailers and brands. Previously solely a dropship software provider, Flxpoint expanded its offering with new functionality to serve its growing roster of thriving ecommerce brands, evolving into an all-in-one order and listing management system. Offering the most flexible and powerful retail operations platform, Flxpoint's mission is to help retailers, distributors, and brands boost sales, increase margins, and deliver better customer experiences.

"Flxpoint powers the modern merchant, making it fast, easy and economical for brands and retailers to work together to sell more products in more channels," said Travis Mariea, CEO of Flxpoint. "With our new distributed order management platform, we empower retailers to truly connect with their vendors rather than simply work with them, easing and automating complexities in the ecommerce workflow, helping them to compete with the top 1% of retailers already doing this."

"We have complex order routing needs that require an individualized approach for each licensee partner. The Flxpoint team has been able to assess and execute the best solutions, from complex EDI integrations to utilizing the Flxpoint Vendor Portal for onboarding new vendors quicker and with less work involved," said Laurie Mucciolo, head of ecommerce for Jessica Simpson apparel brand. "Flxpoint allows us to seamlessly connect with 15 warehouses, many of them with unique integration needs and it now takes mere weeks rather than months to onboard vendors."

Flxpoint's expanded platform offers the following new features: 

  • Cross supplier and warehouse rate shopping
  • Multi-source purchase order management
  • Advanced cross-docking automation
  • Shipping rate checkout API
  • Automated shipping label generation
  • Multi-source returns management 

Ecommerce brands and retailers rely on Flxpoint's core functionality:

  • Fulfillment source data integrations - Retailer and brands' integration efforts are simplified by leveraging Flxpoint's "no code" mapping tool, team of EDI/API developers, and directory of pre-integrated fulfillment and data sources.
  • Inventory availability - Flxpoint customers can combine, customize, and most importantly, sync inventory quantities across multiple suppliers, warehouses, and locations to increase sales and reduce stock outs.
  • Multi-Channel Listing Management - Brands can keep inventory in sync and push custom pricing, categories and other product data across their multiple sales channels.
  • Distributed Order Management - Online retailers can automate and optimize order routing to their multiple dropship suppliers and internal warehouses by real-time costs, location, item specifics and more.
  • Product information management - Flxpoint's automated approach eases the complexities of managing catalogs of thousands of products across multiple suppliers and data sources.
  • Invoicing & Accounting Automation - Flxpoint integrates vendor invoices to automatically reconcile and report on sales profitability, while syncing with their accounting software.

Flxpoint fully integrates with the world's largest ecommerce technology providers and marketplaces, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, NetSuite, Skuvault, WooCommerce, Magento and ShipStation. Brands and retailers interested in automating their dropship ecommerce can connect with a Flxpoint expert here.

About Flxpoint

Flxpoint was built with the mission to help retailers and brands work better together in the modern world of multi-source, multi-channel commerce. The Flxpoint platform best serves the retailer, brand, or wholesaler that has incorporated dropship or third-party warehousing into their fulfillment or sales strategy and sees automation as a key competitive advantage in their ability to drive revenue, increase margin, and achieve scale. Flxpoint's advanced workflow engine solves the most complex distributed fulfillment workflows and inventory management pain points better than legacy software focused primarily on the traditional wholesale fulfillment model. Flxpoint customers include JessicaSimpson.com, Discovery Channel, Real Tree Outdoors, Motortrend, Whistle Pig Whiskey, Radioshack, Curated.com. For more information, visit https://flxpoint.com

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