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​ launches new free android app, devoted to news, geography, and the history of the world.

"Newsography" is the study of current events and their effects on human activity, resources, land use, and industries. And the name comes from combining news and geography together.

"Try, it's the stuff of spies- Free!"

donald leung, inventor of newsography

Newsography is the world’s first live world history app that updates on a daily basis and lets you instantly see all the interesting news and complex geopolitical relationships at a glance. It is also a research tool with the free timeline and categorical search fuctions.

“I DARE YOU to use Newsography and NOT dramatically increase your knowledge of global current events.” - Donald Leung, inventor of Newsography.

In the military sense, Newsography classifies as Open Source Intelligence. With a uniquely designed computer programming algorithm, you can make sense out of complex, high-level, global issues in a simple and easy to understand manner.

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donald leung
donald leung