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Software testing outsourcing is still being a subject of debates and discussions. While there are lots of totally different opinions about testing outsourcing to the 3d party, this question remains uncertain and becomes a matter of real concern.

Software testing outsourcing is still being a subject of debates and discussions. While there are lots of totally different opinions about testing outsourcing to the 3d party, this question remains uncertain and becomes a matter of real concern.

Software testing outsourcing is considered by lots of vendors and clients as an effective tool to cut costs and at the same time improve the quality of final products and services which lead to business growth.

Among cogent benefits of software testing outsourcing are the opportunity to get high quality independent and realistic results handled by real professional at this area; ensure product success and it smooth running from the first release; get technological advancement; lower cost; reduce operating expenses; temporary engage real specialists for specific job; focus on core business and enhance business effectiveness.

Software testing outsourcing has huge technological and financial potential but at the same time it is associated with inherent risks which may lead to business collapse.

While outsourcing testing tasks and services the company should consider and understand that the success of software testing outsourcing depends on lots of factors. To get maximum effectiveness of conclusive outsourcing advantages and enable your business to expand profitability it's important to keep in mind these factors and prevent issues emergency as well as avoid the risks.

The biggest and the most important issue that may occur during the testing process are the lack of expertise and experience of your outsourcing partner. It's very difficult to find software testing outsourcing partner with a proven team of experts who are experienced and knowledgeable in specific testing tools, methodologies and platforms you require for the project. You can not be absolutely assured that specific individuals skilled in definite technologies and testing types will be assigned to the project and will be able to deliver it with the exceptional quality.

Along with it there is one more issue which has to be addressed before as well as during the project is in progress. This issue is related to hidden and uncertain costs, which include intangible costs of bad quality and failed project delivery as well as necessity to invest into software testing once again and financial fluctuation of the provider which may impact your project.

One more risky issue the company may face during the process execution is the absence of necessary software and hardware; bad physical facilities which may enhance your cost expenses and slow the testing process as well as the product deliver to the market.

During the testing execution companies often meet unequal and ineffective communication from the outsourcing partner. The company does not get regular reports on the status of the project and can not discuss the ongoing tasks and steps. As a result you loose control over the project and can not plan further stages.

Other risks which lead to software testing project fail, its budget enhancement, behind schedule delivery, etc. are: lack of developers' top management support to the project; functional, performance and other requirements are not properly documented; project team members have weak commitment to the project scope and schedule and a large bunch of others.

Even with all these factors in mind the choice of the outsourcing software testing partner is an overwhelming challenge and time consuming process.

Software testing outsourcing company is an external commercial company with its own interests and its own level of professional and business maturity and often: improper management, lack of proficiency, workforce shortage or frequent change, tight deadline or limited budget.

The results of your cooperation with outsourcing software testing company with its own commercial, professional, management concerns are difficult to foresee and they can be a source of risks to your project and business presence.

In order to reduce the risks of failures, hidden costs and possible occurrence of unlikely events you need to deal with a real professional, with reliable software testing company that will ensure software functions specified before will go into production.

To address all the risks and common clients' concerns associated with testing outsourcing, BugHuntress QA Lab, software testing and QA Company, offers to all qualified organizations to apply for 50 HOURS FREE TESTING promo package to try our potential and ensure that your choice is right!

Our FREE PILOT TESTING PROJECT enables you to assess the competitiveness of our proposal as well as the quality of our work and offers you the opportunity to evaluate our capabilities and process for future collaborations.

Our PILOT TESTING PROJECT is absolutely FREE and intended to mitigate the risks of lost time and money as well as prevent the creation of failed application which leads to the collapse on B2B market. Our risk-free pilot testing project gives you an idea on our services and shows how we can help you succeed, how proficiently we can turn your challenges into reliable, beneficial products and solutions.

The benefits you get from our Free Testing Pilot Project:

- Independent software testing and QA,
- Free of Cost,
- No hidden terms and conditions,
- An opportunity to evaluate our quality and working process,
- Gives a preview of our testing process without risks of lost time and money,
- Helps to make sure you cooperate with real expert partner and mitigate the risks related to software project delivery

With our 50 HOURS PILOT TESTING PROJECT the prospective companies will be encouraged with a better idea on independent testing process and our potential as well as ensure they deal with real expert able to examine, QA and test the software and bring value to your business.

Only successful projects created and tested by real experts will bring real profit and return on investments for your business. With BugHuntress QA Lab, proven and professional testing partner, your application will be successful from the first release and make an impact to business growth. Try its Out!


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