Fulfilling a Lifelong Calling at the Church of Scientology of Harlem

Community and religious leaders join members of the Church of Scientology for a special celebration at the Church's Sunday Service on East 125 Street in Harlem.

The newly ordained Rev. Philip Hargrow of the Church of Scientology Harlem

Rev. Philip Hargrow, who has served parishioners at the Church of Scientology Harlem for more than a decade, accomplished a long-term and cherished goal this week with his ordination as a Scientology minister.

“My ordination as a minister allows me to do the work I have been doing even better,” says Rev. Hargrow. “Working with all the other churches in Harlem is what will bring about bettered conditions in our community.”

Working with all the other churches in Harlem is what will bring about bettered conditions in our community.

Rev. Philip Hargrow, Church of Scientology Harlem

The ceremony took place during the Church’s Sunday service. Rev. Hargrow was joined by esteemed guests from different faiths who attended to express their support for the Church’s newest minister.

Becoming a Scientology minister entails completing an extensive training curriculum including not only an in-depth study of the Scientology religion but also an understanding of all great world religions. The minister-in-training learns to deliver all Scientology religious ceremonies and other Scientology ministerial services.

Opened as an Ideal Scientology Organization in 2016, the Church of Scientology and Community Center of Harlem has created significant impact in the community through its weekly Sunday service, which offers workable truths parishioners and visitors may apply to improve their lives. “Those attending come away with a message of hope and inspiration,” says Rev. Hargrow. “By taking part in these services one can come to experience the truth of his existence as an immortal spiritual being.”

The Church of Scientology Harlem Sunday service is held every week at 11:30 a.m. All are welcome.

Source: ScientologyNews.org


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