FusionAuth Advanced MFA Gives Developers Flexibility, Control in Deploying Authentication Factors

FusionAuth, makers of the complete, developer-focused API-first identity and access management platform, today announced FusionAuth Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). The new offering aligns with the company's commitment to Developer Ergonomics -- giving developers more flexibility and choice in deploying authentication within their organizations. With FusionAuth Advanced MFA, developers can layer in different authentication factors, such as TOTP, multiple phone numbers or email addresses, step-up authentication, applications and even new factors as they are introduced to the market.

"Multi-factor authentication is an absolute must for ensuring only the right people can access data, but MFA options from other providers are rigid and don't take the developer or user into consideration. We created an intuitive way to manage user security  with our Advanced MFA and baked in flexibility so that developers can make choices about authentication that make sense for their particular business," said Brian Pontarelli, CEO of FusionAuth. "Rather than forcing a user into a single factor that they may or may not want to use or manage, we let them choose the factors that work for them."

FusionAuth Advanced MFA focuses on:

  • Step-Up Authentication - gives developers the flexibility to layer on added authentication, based on the user's activity, even after the user is already authenticated.
  • Locking-Down Factors - once an authentication factor is added, it cannot be changed without another verified factor. For example, a user's email can't be changed until they provide an SMS authentication code.
  • Flexible Message Templates - devs can build their own templates for SMS messages and emails and can localize them to any language they want for any region they serve.
  • Flexible End Points - allows developers to customize their MFA. Send messages through emails, SMS apps like Twilio or time-based one-time password solutions such as Google Authenticator. Flexible end points can accommodate new messaging tech as it comes online, too.
  • Support for Multiple End Users - supports associating an MFA method with more than one account. Ex: if two or more users share an account, they may all want to be able to receive MFA codes in their email.

FusionAuth Advanced MFA is available now. Click here for more information: https://fusionauth.io/docs/v1/tech/apis/two-factor/.

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FusionAuth is a complete identity and access management platform designed and built by security and identity experts to save development teams time and resources. It installs in minutes and lets devs implement complex standards and powerful features including login, registration, SSO, MFA, emails, localization, reporting, and much more. FusionAuth has been battle-tested in high-volume industries from finance to gaming and deployed on servers around the globe. Learn more at www.fusionauth.io.


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