Gearlab Launches Revolutionary New Deck Pod and Full Line of Kayak Accessories

The Deck Pod, New Paddle Bag, Paddle Float and Dry Bag for 2019-20

Gearlab Outdoors Deck Bag

 In August, Gearlab Outdoors will launch a revolutionary new deck bag called the “Deck Pod,” which promises to be a game-changer for kayakers and stand-up paddle boarders alike. Created by a team of award-winning industrial designers, Gearlab’s Deck Pod is designed for integrated kayaking safety, featuring dedicated snag-free slots for bilge pump, paddle float, and hydration system. With a system of webbing and buckles, the bag lashes to the deck of a kayak (or SUP), making for a tidy, organized deck, and its clever design allows for direct one-handed access to critical safety items stowed inside. The sleek and streamlined low-profile design reduces wind resistance and won’t interfere with paddling strokes.

Gearlab, which pioneered the first modern carbon fiber Greenland-style paddle with exchangeable tips, debuts the Deck Pod as part of its new accessory collection for summer 2019, which includes a new paddle-carrying travel bag, a paddle float, and a redesigned kayak dry bag. 

Gearlab Deck Pod

Both sides of the Gearlab Deck Pod have a snag-free slot for bilge pump and paddle float; paddlers can simply slide the gear in without needing to adjust a sloppy mesh. To remove the gear, simply click the strap’s quick-release buckles. The Deck Pod can also fit a 3-liter hydration system, and the built-in tube hole design provides easy access. When the Deck Pod is secured to the deck, its discreet handle is hidden beneath the bag, eliminating the possibility of confusing spray skirt with deck pod when capsized.

A long mesh compartment inside the Deck Pod provides additional storage for essentials and allows water to easily drain out when the pod is lifted up. The Deck Pod’s buckle system allows for affixing the bag to the kayak deck—and unleashing it—with ease. Dimensions: 44 x 25 x 10 cm.

Gearlab Paddle Bag for Travel

Gearlab's third-generation Paddle Bag is made to fit most Greenland-style paddles. Featuring an EVA hard bottom shell shaped into the brand’s signature ProTek TipTM silhouette, it provides significantly improved protection over previous models. Full padding with a perfect width is designed to provide 360 degrees of protection. The bag has been upgraded with side zippers and webbing adjuster. The Gearlab Paddle Bag has an internal divider that separates the two paddles stowed inside, offering additional protection. Paddlers can now take their paddles on a plane trip without worrying about damage to the paddles. Dimensions: 130 x 9 cm. 

Gearlab Paddle Float

Gearlab’s new Paddle Float is an essential safety tool to carry on every kayak outing.  The Paddle Float is uniquely designed for use with both Greenland and Euro-style blades. It provides excellent buoyancy and leverage to re-enter a kayak, and can be an essential lifesaver when a paddler encounters difficulties on the water. Gearlab’s Paddle Float is ideal for self-rescue, as well as for practice learning new rolls and mastering a balance brace. A single blow-up valve inflates both chambers of the float, making it quick and easy to deploy. The Paddle Float is constructed with quality materials, and the bright yellow color and reflective strip provide greater visibility in the water. 

USD $49.

Gearlab Kayak Dry Bag 

The Kayak Dry Bag (KDB) is both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for sea kayaking and long expeditions. The Kayak Dry Bag is shaped and tapered for efficient cabin storage. It offers less weight at the top of the bag, allowing for an easy roll-top closure. The lower shell is fashioned from a more durable TPU fabric. The KDB is available in three sizes: 10 Liter, 14 Liter, and 18 Liter. 

The Kayak Dry Bag includes tote-style handles with top webbing and a bottom handle designed for quick cabin grab and removal. The KDB’s unique design also allows dual zones for dry and wet storage. The bag’s bottom half enclosure is designed for dry goods, and the top half provides an open-air stuffing zone for wet goods. The two-tone dual sides are coated with TPU and a PU top to allow for a quick spray-down cleaning. While its innovative high-tech design makes it perfectly suited for outdoor pursuits on the water, the KDB also features a handsome black with yellow pairing that will allow it to carry over for urban lifestyles.

Gearlab’s accessory line is available at select specialty retailers nationwide and online at

About Gearlab

For the past eight years, Gearlab has designed and manufactured Greenland-style carbon-fiber paddles for ocean kayakers around the world. Created by a team of award-winning industrial designers and outdoor enthusiasts, the paddles are adapted from indigenous Inuit designs. Greenland paddles allow kayakers to travel farther with greater efficiency and precision, while reducing injury and fatigue. Made from 100% continuous carbon-fiber material, Gearlab paddles perfect thousand-year-old ergonomics with advanced material strength and durability. Gearlab paddles will open up a new realm of adventure for both recreational and advanced kayakers. Discover the benefits of Gearlab paddles at

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