Governments, Consumer Protection Organizations & Tech Giants to Convene in Lisbon to Strategize Anti-Scam Response

Global Anti-Scam Alliance Urges Leading Experts to "Turn the Tide on Scams"

10 Recommendations to "Turn the Tide on Scams"

The 4th Global Anti-Scam Summit (GASS) will convene in Portugal, this October 18-19, gathering the world's leading experts to strategize against the rising tide of online scams. GASS is an established forum for government, consumer protection, law enforcement, brand protection, and cybersecurity professionals to unite their skills against scams. This year, the assembling delegates seek to advance the "10 Recommendations to Turn the Tide on Scams" formed at the 2022 summit.

Over 250 international attendees will congregate in the Portuguese capital, with around 1,000 remote participants expected from across the globe. Keynote speakers include representatives from the United Nations and leading tech companies such as Amazon, Meta/Facebook, and Google. Officials from various law enforcement and government agencies from Asia, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the Americas will also attend alongside experts from national cybersecurity hubs, academia, and the blockchain realm.

Rallying Cry to "Fortify Consumer Safety" with "Access to the Right Resources"

Participants at the summit, organized by the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA) with co-hosts Euroconsumers and Deco Proteste, will share insights, experiences, and best practices. Ultimately, this will pave the way for the creation of actionable plans that address current and emerging scam trends. Over the two days, keynote speakers and interactive panels will share invaluable perspectives on fraud prevention, cybersecurity, regulatory advancements, and public awareness campaigns. GASA will also release the results of its annual study of scamming trends across the globe.

"Scammers are harnessing advanced technologies like AI, making scams harder to identify," explains Jorij Abraham, Managing Director, GASA. "With the 2023 Global State of Scams Report, we're lifting the veil on this global crisis. While the report is a highlight, our summit's real mission is to establish a worldwide defense against scamming. This gathering of minds has the potential to fortify consumer safety worldwide by uniting expertise from influential global organizations and ensuring those who want to enact positive change get access to the right resources."

Interested parties are encouraged to act quickly to secure their place at the forefront of scam prevention, by joining the GASS in Lisbon or participating online. The full event schedule and tickets are available at

About the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA)

GASA's driving mission is to shield consumers globally from scams. In just one year, consumers lost nearly $55 billion due to scams, with over 300 million cases reported globally; GASA endeavors to create a world free from the financial and emotional trauma of scams.

With many cybercriminals operating freely in the digital space, GASA rallies governments, law enforcement, consumer protection, financial authorities & providers, brand protection agencies, social media, ISPs, and cybersecurity companies to share knowledge and define joint actions. It's dedicated to fostering collaboration and driving global initiatives that curtail the proliferation of scams.

Source: Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA)


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The Global Anti-Scam Alliance's (GASA) mission is to protect consumers worldwide from scams by raising awareness, enabling hand-on tools, facilitating knowledge sharing, organizing research, and offering training and education.

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