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The power of digital transformation was the key to continued growth and success in 2020 and beyond.

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The Covid-19 health pandemic has been incredibly difficult on businesses of every industry. Almost overnight, companies were forced to fast-forward their digital integration and transformation by approximately five years into the future, according to a study done by cloud communications platform Twilio.

So how did National Mattress not only survive the pandemic but thrive while still offering customers the exceptional service they have come to expect?

Digital Integration and Transformation

  • National Mattress limited their in-person store staff to one person to protect both employees and customers while remaining available for customers throughout the shutdown, even while the doors were closed. They did this through a combination of their online chat feature and phone support, allowing communication to stay open.
  • They continued helping customers find the right mattress for them during the pandemic through their e-commerce platform. With their digital integrations in place, scheduling and delivering online orders remained functioning with little change, with delivery drivers adhering to strict Covid-19 safety measures, including drivers wearing masks, sanitizing, and contactless delivery.
  • Through improved online marketing strategies, National Mattress reached more users and converted them to satisfied customers.
  • They overhauled their website user experience and created a more friendly, intuitive online environment for both desktop and mobile users. As recent studies show, having a website that looks and works great on mobile devices is necessary for the e-commerce space as mobile sales now account for an impressive 72.9% of all e-commerce sales.
  • They've done the research, and it's clear that no one wants to wait around for a website to load — it takes away consumer confidence in the quality of both the product and the company's professionalism. Google found that 53% of mobile visitors to a website will leave the webpage — likely for a competitor's — if the website doesn't load within three seconds.

How It Turned Out

After radically implementing these user experience and digital marketing strategies through the summer of 2020, by August 2020, they saw total business sales go up 20%. Each customer still received their 90-day sleep guarantee for returning their purchase throughout the pandemic if they weren't satisfied. They also offered customers the opportunity to refund their purchase during this period.

Slimming down their store staff to one person and allowing curbside pickup helped protect the health of their employees and customers. The founder of National Mattress, Rafal Kieliszek said, "E-commerce became our focus for serving people across Canada." National Mattress pulled through the pandemic by committing to digital integration and transformation. Rafal Kieliszek also adds, "We didn't just survive, we're thriving, and we're still pushing to reach new sales goals while ensuring our customers receive the same excellent service they've come to expect from National Mattress."

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