How Backup Software Supports Outstanding Maths Students: Novosoft Scholarship 2012

Novosoft LLC, an international IT company, announced first winners of the annual award for outstanding maths students worldwide. The scholarship fore-runs a global internship program 2012.

Novosoft, an international software development and IT consultancy company, announced the first laureate of the annual Handy Backup scholarship for talented students worldwide, specializing in maths and computer science. The scholarship fore-runs a series of activities oriented toward the global trend for educating and headhunting young talents: this summer Novosoft co-hosts online and offline summer labs for students, particularly on innovative approaches to software development and IT marketing.

"It has always been a matter of principle for us here at Novosoft to do educational stuff. Providing meaningful software user experience is all about today, but you have to remember about tomorrow. That's what we thought as we founded IT departments in national universities; that's what we think as we give our annual Handy Backup scholarship to outstanding maths and computer science students. Please welcome this year's first award winner, Mr. Dmitry Gordeev, from Novosibirsk, Russia! Remember the name, because you will hear about the young man soon as he goes changing the world for the best," said Aleks Doe, the head of Handy Backup Analytics Department and Scholarship Committee Member.

The annual Handy Backup award by Novosoft, the acclaimed system software ( ) developer, for outstanding maths and computer science students went to Novosibirsk, Russia. Dmitry Gordeev, a student of Mathematics and Mechanics Department Novosibirsk State University once again proved a global trend of world IT companies' interest for young talents of Silicon Taiga, Siberia, where the techno park, global Russian IT business incubator, has been recently proceeding.

Novosoft announced this year's Handy Backup scholarship to be the first of upcoming activities oriented toward supporting and involving youths into next-gen software development plus distribution. The company reported that this summer it co-hosts student labs on software development and IT marketing. Both students and partner IT companies are welcome to check in: the first as participants visiting lectures and practice classes and the second as teachers and case study providers. The summer labs will take place July, 2012.

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