How Fashion Helped Anthony Agyeman Kickstart His Online Money Making Wealth

​​​​As of today, Anthony Agyeman of Multi Marketing Wizards has been able to create multiple streams of income all online, but many might be surprised how he got started. The social media marketing agency owner didn’t always just run an agency, he started understanding marketing because of his fashion line. The clothing brand is called Murderous Clothing, and many known influencers were loving it right from the start! 

Anthony made some noise online with his brand and day by day started becoming a marketing expert. He ventured out to make more money online by opening more stores but this time with a new method. Instead of the traditional “make the clothing with a press machine,” he got into dropshipping and opened up to new types of products. This new way of selling online allows the seller to not have to carry any inventory. 

Once he was able to truly dominate dropshipping he knew he had what it takes to scale businesses online he sought out to help others scale.

Anthony has now worked with 27 businesses increase their sales either by taking on their marketing campaigns or by teaching the owner how to market their product.

This was created to help other entrepreneurs who want to scale their business to the next level. 

The one on one mentorship gives you the choice of in-person sessions or virtual. As a student, you are taught the A-Z strategies behind scaling a business and maximizing your marketing budget. 

He fully understood the potential of making money online even before the clothing brand. While Anthony was in high school he used to play competitive gaming on youtube and had his first taste of online money. So he naturally gravitated towards finding out other ways to make money online. 

Anthony is on a mission to help others make money online and not have to resort to settling in life. He feels extremely passionate to specifically help prevent anyone to take on illegal activities just for some quick money, like selling drugs. Anthony has been in the position where the desire for fast money was prioritized over long term money decisions. He wants to help other Entrepreneurs realize that with the right mentality, anyone can make great money online. 

“As fast as you make that money, it is as fast as you can lose it. Making money online has been amazing. It has helped me get tons of capital to invest in my other businesses and helped me grow my portfolio,” stated Anthony. 

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