IDGITAL's Rural Healthcare Initiative

IDGITAL, LLC., together with Google; Graham County, North Carolina, a rural Appalachian Mountain community in Western North Carolina; and Blue Ridge X-Ray Inc., announced today the launch of IDGITAL's Rural Healthcare Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to bring advanced diagnostic imaging solutions to America's rural communities and healthcare providers at a significantly lower cost than traditional solutions.

IDGITAL is a leader in the radiologic technology industry, based in California’s Silicon Valley. IDGITAL’s “Digital Assistant Platform” utilizes the latest web application technology and cloud storage solutions, eliminating the need for costly, siloed legacy hardware solutions. 

John Hopkins, COO: IDGITAL is committed to delivering cost-effective, best-in-class imaging technology to our rural communities. Often times, the same quality of diagnostic technology available in an urban, larger health system is not available to the more rural, community-based hospitals and imaging facilities. This causes a gap in the care continuum that requires patients to either travel long distances to overcome it or they just go without access. IDGITAL is committed to doing our part to remove this barrier for our small town and rural communities by delivering the most advanced technology to our rural healthcare partners.” 

The RIS/PACS industry has for decades been dominated by a handful of international conglomerates, which has led to stifled innovation and a lack of competitive pressure in the market. Historically, the high cost of these legacy imaging solutions has been outside the budget of rural healthcare providers. As a result, these rural providers are typically on technologies that are, on average, over a decade old and several generations behind current advances.

Bill Lee, President of Blue Ridge X-Ray: “As an independent distributor of digital imaging equipment, we are excited about offering the latest technology in image viewing, storage, and integration through IDGITAL. The IDGITAL platform fits well with our equipment solutions in every clinical setting.”

By partnering with Blue Ridge X-Ray, a distributor of diagnostic imaging technology with a national footprint, IDGITAL hopes to reach rural communities all around the country.

Juanita Colvard, Graham County Transit Director: “Graham County is excited for the opportunity to partner with IDIGITAL. This state-of-the-art process enables the County to provide essential diagnostic services to the residents of small, rural communities in an affordable manner.”

Digital Assistant Platform Features:    

  • Radiology Information System (RIS)
  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engines with the largest array of FDA-approved diagnostic algorithms in the industry
  • Full-featured Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS)
  • Complete disaster recovery archives that are automatically backed up over multiple regions across the U.S.
  • FDA-approved zero-footprint viewer that supports multiple monitors, hanging protocols, 3D reconstruction and the other advanced tools radiologists demand
  • Integrated billing backend
  • Embedded consultation on the fly, allowing radiologists to consult with any colleague around the world using a simple internet connection
  • HIPAA compliant cloud-based datastore
  • Fax and email support

Amanda Templeton, VP of Operations: “At IDGITAL, improving the delivery system for patient care in Radiology is our only focus. We are in constant development mode to ensure that the IDGITAL Radiology Platform is not just incorporating today’s best technology but is also forward-looking to ensure we have the infrastructure in place to incorporate tomorrow’s technology.”



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