Inherent Biosciences Raises Seed Round, Adds Board Members and Clinical Advisors

Funding will be used to clinically validate and launch the company's proprietary male infertility diagnostic

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Inherent Biosciences today announced its initial capital raise led by Morning Star Foundation with additional participation from MedMountain Ventures, Kickstart Funds, Park City Angels, Rhythm VC and several angel investors. With the initial funding, Inherent will launch a male infertility diagnostic to guide infertility treatment.

Inherent also added members to its Board of Directors and Clinical Advisors:

  • Lewis Rumpler - Former CEO of Epigenesys, Executive Chairman
  • Saumitra Thakur, MD - MedMountain Ventures, Director
  • David Shriner - Morning Star Foundation, Director 
  • Tia Newcomer - Independent Director
  • Tom Simpson - Kick Start Funds, Board Observer
  • Doug Carrell, PhD, HCLD - Andrology Advisor
  • Paul Turek, MD - Clinical Advisor
  • Larry Lipshultz, MD - Clinical Advisor

"We've been impressed with Inherent's team and the intellectual property portfolio they've assembled," said David Shriner, Chairman at Morning Star Foundation. "By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning within the field of epigenetics, Inherent has developed an exciting pipeline of novel diagnostics to help millions of people suffering from unexplained medical conditions."

Infertility is increasing as couples wait longer to have children and 1 in 5 couples are told they have unexplained infertility. 

"Historically, infertility testing and treatment has focused on the female partner," says Andy Olson, CEO of Inherent. "The male partner is often overlooked, which is unfortunate since about 50% of infertility is due to male factors and the standard testing isn't very good. By accurately diagnosing male infertility we can help save time, avoid treatments that won't work and significantly reduce the emotional toll on couples."

Dr. Larry Liphshultz, internationally renowned urologist and clinical advisor, commented, "Innovation in semen analysis has been lacking over the last 25 years with few advances beyond the standard assessment. Sperm epigenetics has emerged as a new technology with tremendous clinical promise. We anticipate that this technology will further improve patient care by remote patient testing of this new measure of sperm health."

"I've seen several advances in reproductive science and technology over the last five years." said Tia Newcomer, who joined Inherent as an independent board member. "An epigenetic male infertility diagnostic, if proven to be more accurate than the standard semen analysis, will be a major breakthrough for pregnancy outcomes and has the potential to lower healthcare costs."

Inherent's pipeline also includes epigenetic biomarkers for predicting Autism in offspring, treatment response for autoimmune disease, and COVID-19 illness severity and treatment response. 

About Inherent Biosciences - Inherent Biosciences, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company at the intersection of epigenetics and AI. Inherent believes that guesswork and trial & error medicine lead to severe pain and suffering. Inherent's vision is to revolutionize trial and error medicine and restore hope. The company does this by discovering what's inherent in our biology about the unexplained and translating discoveries into personal insights that inform actions. Learn more at or connect on LinkedIn.


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