Innokin, Hydrated by Aquios Labs, Launches 'Lota' Water-Based Vaping Devices

The vaping industry veterans hope to cause waves with water-based vaping technology

Innokin Technology has announced the launch of a new arrival to their industry-leading lineup of vaporizers. Introducing Lota: Innokin's all-new sub-brand pushing the boundaries of performance, reliability, and innovation within the entry-level vaping sector.

Innokin's Lota is set to shake up the vaping space by combining Innokin's decade plus of industry-leading innovation expertise with Aquios Labs: a new technology firm that enables water-based e-liquid.

The partnership offers Lota an innovative new technology and approach to closed vaping systems. Aquios Labs' first generation of water-based vape juice, AQ30, supports 30% water content. Water-based vaping delivers smoother vapour and faster satisfaction compared to traditional vaping systems. The extra 30% water content of AQ30 also reduces the dehydrating qualities that typical vapour can cause. Additionally, water-based vapes operate at a lower temperature compared to their traditional counterparts, which allows for greatly increased chemical stability during the vaping process.

Water-based technology and e-liquids result in a vaping experience that no other device can replicate, with no leakage, enhanced flavour clarity and faster nicotine satisfaction. These strengths paired with Innokin's manufacturing experience catapult Lota into the spotlight of the disposable vape sector.

Lota will initially launch with a portfolio of three water-based devices, each with their own position for specific global markets and consumer needs: the Lota Enviro, F600, and Prefilled Pod Kit.

The Lota Enviro is a disposable device with a clear mission to reduce the carbon footprint of typical disposable vapes. The Lota F600 is Lota's flagship disposable vaporizer, targeted for TPD markets. Rounding off Lota's launch is the Lota Prefilled Pod, a closed pod system with a rechargeable battery integrated with revolutionary Aquios water-based vaping technology.

Commenting on the launch, Innokin Technology Co-Founder George Xia said: "Innokin has always believed in embracing new technology. When first introduced to Aquios Labs, our product development team was impressed with the unique advantages of water-based vaping. Through this exciting partnership, Innokin is proud to launch the Lota brand, offering high performance water-based vaping in our continued quest of tobacco harm reduction across the globe."

You can find out more about Lota at

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Source: Innokin Technology


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