Integrating Battery Storage to Secure Europe's Renewable Economy

cyberGRID and Ngen join forces to improve energy storage systems

Marko Svetina, Managing Director at cyberGRID

Austrian energy tech company cyberGRID has announced its newly formed commercial partnership with the innovative energy systems solutions company Ngen.

cyberGRID and Ngen have combined their forces to achieve strides in the next generation of energy storage and demand response. The ambitious plan will bring the Austrian/Slovenian region into the spotlight of European energy system technologies by advancing the technical know-how and commercial success each company brings to the partnership with its products.

The partnership will entail the development of technological solutions to promote the interoperability of batteries and other energy assets to increase the availability and efficient use of flexibilities. Enhanced interoperability is key for enabling non-discriminatory grid access for energy storage, thereby supporting the expansion of battery deployments and charging systems. In the changing power market, this cooperation will help facilitate the next phase of renewable energy integration, energy storage optimization, system and market flexibility and advanced demand response.

“We are excited to enter this pioneering partnership. Our plan demonstrates how much more we can anticipate to see in the near future of technological development in order to ease the process of the energy transition,” say Roman Bernard, Managing Director at Ngen, and Marko Svetina, Managing Director at cyberGRID.

cyberGRID GmbH & Co KG is a software company founded in Vienna, Austria in 2010. It specializes in the development of virtual power plan and virtual battery solutions. cyberGRID’s digital platform “cyberNOC” is a modular and scalable ICT system that pools flexible resources in a Virtual Power Plant and exploits the flexible capacity for different markets, helps to solve imbalances, and addresses grid stability issues. cyberNOC collects measurement data, calculates baselines for forecasting and aggregates loads. Other functionalities include bidding, merit order and support daily trading operations.

Ngen is an energy system solutions company specializing in aggregations system solutions. Its products include large and small-scale battery storage systems, software development, energy conversion for grid stabilization and remote-control access for production, consumption, and storage devices. Their technology enables customers to access the energy markets and provides them with energy portfolio analysis, white label solutions, technical connections, visualization services, marketing, financing and consultation services.

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