INTENT and Planet Partnership Brings Ag Imagery Into Focus

High-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery helps ag businesses stay a step ahead from anywhere

INTENT, a leader in software and services for agriculture, today announced its partnership with Planet Labs PBC, (NYSE: PL), a leading provider of daily data and insights about Earth. The partnership leverages machine learning to apply analytics to Planet’s daily stream of high-resolution satellite imagery, attaching meaning to these visuals and enhancing the value proposition for clients in the agriculture sector.   

INTENT’s APOGEE infrastructure will seamlessly integrate Planet’s PlanetScope and Planetary Variables products, empowering INTENT clients to monitor and understand crop health with unprecedented efficiency and profitability. Throughout the entire season, users will leverage the combined capabilities of these companies to stay informed and make data-driven decisions in real-time, saving time and resources and bringing true value to the application of satellite imagery.

“By tapping into Planet’s remote sensing portfolio, INTENT offers our clients the ability to observe field performance without stepping foot in the field,” said INTENT CIO Elie Regev. “Knowing the status of every field and acre will save companies untold time and resources not having to rely solely on in-person visits. We’re ensuring satellite imagery serves as a powerful tool for understanding field performance.” 

The new Satellite Field Monitoring from INTENT, built with Planet’s 3.7m resolution imagery, provides automatic and unlimited monitoring through an intuitive interface that highlights patterns and trends in real time. With daily, high-resolution captures at their fingertips, users can quickly identify and address issues while minimizing their potential impact.

Prior to building Planet’s remotely sensed data into the backend of APOGEE, INTENT accessed PlanetScope data for its customers on a limited basis. “We did our due diligence and understood the value of the analytics Planet offers. Seeing firsthand how their offerings enhanced our field trials gave us the confidence to incorporate them into our technology offerings,” Regev said.

Planet data is used to assist agriculture projects around the world, leveraging end-use partnerships. INTENT is the first partner to demonstrate a valuable application for field product testing. 

“Planet works closely with partners like INTENT to provide valuable end solutions to customers that are tailored to their specific industry requirements,” said Sonya Penn, VP of Partnerships at Planet. “For field trials, getting accurate, easy-to-interpret results in a timely manner is critical. Every day matters and INTENT brings incredible value, going deep to answer a specific problem faced by agricultural companies across the globe.” 

By partnering with Planet and accessing their remote sensing products, INTENT brings real-time value to their clients and the agriculture industry. INTENT goes deeper with the data in satellite imagery, providing advanced analytics on top of every image. By integrating machine learning into the product, INTENT’s agriculture-focused clients are able to gain meaningful insights regarding their fields. 

The new Satellite Field Monitoring will be available to clients using INVISION on an on-demand basis for the 2024 season and will be included in INTENT’s future offerings.

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