Investment Metrics Launches Fee Analyzer, the First Comprehensive Source of Actual, Post-Negotiated Fees

Solution Provides Unparalleled Competitive Insights for the Institutional Investment Community

Investment Metrics

​​​Investment Metrics (IM), the leading provider of institutional investment performance analytics and reporting solutions for the institutional investment community, announced today the release of Fee Analyzer. Built with the guidance of industry leaders, Fee Analyzer empowers asset managers, asset owners, and investment consultants to utilize actual post-negotiated asset manager fee data to gain competitive insights across the institutional investment landscape.

Fee Analyzer provides a robust set of actual post-negotiated fee data sourced and aggregated from thousands of live institutional portfolios housed on the IM performance reporting platform used by leading institutional asset allocators. In the past, fee data has been cobbled together from incomplete, infrequently updated sources that lack external validation. Fee Analyzer addresses these shortcomings, resulting in the most comprehensive and trustworthy source of actual, post-negotiated fees across major asset classes, investment vehicles and plan types.

“Increasingly, institutional asset owners are scrutinizing net of fees performance, and asset managers must be competitive with fees to win new mandates, validating the need for a robust fee benchmarking tool. Fee Analyzer is the first solution that drives competitive insights by bringing together a broad and reliable data source of actual fees in an online, interactive environment,” said Sanjoy Chatterjee, Chief Strategy Officer of Investment Metrics.

Earlier this year, key institutional asset managers ranging from globally focused, multi-asset managers to smaller, single asset class managers joined the Fee Analyzer Advisory Board. These forward thinkers confirmed the critical need for competitive insights from Fee Analyzer for contract negotiations, pricing new products, and properly aligning fees against the market.

With Fee Analyzer, users can create custom fee universes across various asset class hierarchies, compare multiple asset classes by investment vehicle, and view fee distribution across many dimensions including mandate size, plan type, and plan size. Additionally, the interactive solution allows users to compare and correlate fees with actual performance and various modern portfolio theory statistics.

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Investment Metrics powers the global institutional investment community by providing top investment performance analytics and reporting solutions fueled by one of the industry’s leading databases. Our platform enables the world’s investment professionals to analyze and report on over $10 trillion of assets under advisement with accuracy and efficiency. By leveraging our unprecedented insights into global asset allocation trends, performance benchmarks, asset flows, plan sponsor and style universe performance, we empower our clients to make more informed investment decisions. For more information, visit

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