Jarod Buna to Be Featured in The Top 100 Attorneys of 2020 Magazine

Jarod Buna is a Silicon Valley attorney, Thurgood Marshall Fellow and tech investor

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Silicon Valley attorney, Thurgood Marshall Fellow, and tech investor Jarod Buna has ascended to the top of the tech world. From Apple to the biggest brand in the ridesharing/gig economy, Jarod has worked with some of the best and most innovative companies in the world.

While the bulk of his time is focused on navigating the legalities of IP rights and strategic transactions, community service and fighting social injustices remain at the core of his practice — and a fundamental value that has driven him for over two decades.

The Top 100 Magazine sat down with Jarod to learn about his take on the current state of the legal profession, his brush with basketball legends, and his determination to help change society for the betterment of all.

His incredible story will be published in The Top 100 Attorneys of 2020 and featured on The Top 100 website.

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