Jay Chou Phantabear NFTs Featured on the Times Square Billboard Goes Viral on Ezek's Twitter

It's Phantabear's turn on the Nasdaq billboard, Cryptopunk move aside.

Phanta bear on Nasdaq billboard

Fans congregate in Times Square to see Jay Chou's recently released Phantabear NFTs featured on the iconic Nasdaq Billboard. Many Asian Americans were seen cheering on their childhood idol and congratulating Jay Chou on his success on the big screen. They also wished Jay Chou a happy birthday, as the advertisement was timed to coincide with his birthday.

For the past decade, Jay Chou, star of Greenhornet and Now You See Me 2, has been regarded as Asia's number one pop star. He recently collaborated with Ezek, a popular NFT platform in Asia, to release an NFT series that dethroned Bored Ape and Cryptopunk as the market's fastest growing NFT series, with NFT sales totaling over 65 million USD in the last two weeks.

It's worth noting that Phantabears was the second NFT series to be featured on Times Square, following Cryptopunk. Given the costs, it is no easy feat for NFTs to be featured on the famous billboard. However, since the Phantabears have sold over 10,000 NFTs with the value growing over 9000% in the last two weeks, they can afford and deserve to be on the billboard.

While Cryptopunk was featured in the New York Times for being on the Times Square billboard, Phantabears were featured on CNN and many global editorials for a different reason.

Such as the reason that the founders of Ezek promise to completely transform the NFT landscape and kickstart the market trend of Asian NFTs. The Ezek team behind the Phantabear project teases amazing perks for Phantabear holders, such as access to the world's largest virtual reality concerts with megastars. According to multiple editorials, Ezek is now recognized as one of Asia's most innovative companies, serving as a pioneer for Asian NFTs.

Recently, the Ezek team was interviewed by Zeneca, one of the top NFT influencers, on an open Spaces forum with over 500 other NFT influencers, including BAYC. The interview cemented Ezek's place in the world of NFTs, with many now believing that Asia will emerge as the next largest NFT market. With over 2000 likes, spread over many tweets, the Twitter thread went viral, with many people predicting what might be Asia's next trending NFT. During the interview, Mark, the co-founder, said the following: "We hope to delve deeper into NFT technology and allow the east to explore the world of NFTs alongside the west. We want to work together to make the metaverse as real as possible. It's time for Asia NFTs to take off with the rest of you."

Keep an eye out for more information on Phantabears and Ezek.

Video of thousands of Jay Chou fans in Times Square: https://tinyurl.com/2rvdft9v

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