John C Lukegord's Campfire Tale 'The Haunted Trail: A Tale of Two Four-Leaf Clovers (Volume 3)' Now Available on Amazon

An intense journey that goes back two-thousand years into the violent past of the haunted trail sets up this action-packed storyline. News provided by J&J Writing Corp.

The Haunted Trail: A Tale of Two Four-Leaf Clovers

This book is an intense journey into the haunted trails' violent past. It goes back two-thousand years and reveals the complicated life of Butch McPherson. Butch McPherson’s connection to the Patrican family is also revealed in this fantastic story.

This crazy tale shows how two magical artifacts were found on a mysterious planet light-years away, and in Dublin, Ireland. Find out how and why both of the artifacts were discovered, and who actually discovered them. Why are these two magical artifacts so important? What kind of magic are these two rare artifacts capable of producing? Is it magic that is used for good, or is it black magic? Or are the supernatural artifacts capable of producing both good magic and black magic? The answer to this question lies in the fate of the army that can successfully possess both of these two magical artifacts first.

Butch McPherson has the backing of an army of well-trained Irish soldiers on his side who are all bravely willing to defend their homeland as one-thousand Egyptian soldiers, four dangerous blue aliens, and a commanding evil mummy wage war on Ireland. Butch McPherson barricades himself in a cave as Ireland’s last line of defense against the mummy’s invading army.

Which army has the upper hand in this Halloween war? Is it the invading army of Egyptians, or is it the Irish? Find out why Butch McPherson does the things that he does in order to protect his home country of Dublin, Ireland from an Egyptian invasion.

About the Author:

John Lukegord is a writer from Gloucester, Massachusetts. His Haunted Trail series of books are based on horror skits created and acted in a small Massachusetts neighborhood in the Fall of the early 90s. These skits were well-crafted and highly successful as far as drawing a fan base. The Haunted Trail series is now a trilogy of books. His previous books are A Stalker’s Journey, The Haunted Trail, and The Haunted Trail: The War of the Dublin Woods. The Haunted Trail: A Tale of Two Four-Leaf Clovers is available on Amazon.

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