Kerr Dental Releases ZenSeal™, a Bioceramic Sealer for Minimized Waste and More Value per Application

ZenSeal Features High Flowability, Less Waste, and High Radiopacity for Doctors Using a Bioceramic Sealer When Obturating a Root Canal


Kerr Dental announces the release of ZenSeal, the company's first bioceramic endodontic sealer. ZenSeal is a calcium silicate-based sealer that features excellent flowability to adhere tightly to dentin and gutta percha in simple and complex root canal cases, increasing the confidence of clinicians during root canal procedures. ZenSeal's convenient single syringe delivery system features an applicator tip that results in over 60% less product waste per application when compared to one of the leading bioceramic sealers on the market, making ZenSeal the economical choice.

"Dentists who perform root canal procedures need specially formulated endodontic products that they can count on for desirable outcomes," explains Kerr Dental's President, David Armstrong, "With excellent flowability and sealability, ZenSeal gives endodontic specialists and general practitioners the ability to work with confidence."

Clinicians can look forward to more efficient and simplified endodontic procedures with user-friendly ZenSeal. This sealer comes pre-mixed in a single syringe for simple delivery and its flowability allows for easy handling. 

"ZenSeal flows very well, and it adheres well to the canal walls; the radiopacity is something that I find very beneficial," explains Dr. Fernando García, D.D.S. Kerr Dental anticipates that clinicians will love working with a bioceramic sealer that not only assists with thorough obturation but also offers exceptional value to clinicians. On average, ZenSeal can be used on nine more teeth compared to one of the leading sealers on the market.

Yona Zhao, Senior Global Product Manager at Kerr Dental, concludes, "ZenSeal is the ideal bioceramic sealer that delivers on all counts: easy handling, excellent flowability, and less waste for greater economy. It truly is the sealer that meets the demands of modern endodontic treatment and simplifies root canal procedures."

ZenSeal™ is available for purchase. To learn more about ZenSeal, visit 

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