Kyla Pratt Appears on 'Kim Coles: Humor and Heart' at the Digital Podcast Network

Over the last couple of years, the digital podcast industry has grown significantly. As streaming services have gained popularity, podcast shows have become the new craze. The Digital Podcast Network provides 24-hour access to a number of shows including Kim Coles: Humor and Heart.

On this week's episode of Kim Coles: Humor and Heart, Kim talks with actress Kyla Pratt on her career's progression since being a child star. Pratt has starred in films such as the Dr. Doolittle franchise, The Proud Family, and the hit sitcom One on One. "Kyla is one of the most genuine and talented people I've worked with in the industry," said Kim Coles. "It's been amazing to watch her career progress and flourish from such a young age."

Hear the latest episode with Kyla Pratt and Kim Coles on Kim Coles: Humor and Heart at

Kim Coles: Humor and Heart is located on the Digital Podcast Network, which is home to a variety of great shows that feature the top African American and Latinx stars in the entertainment industry. On Humor and Heart, Kim Coles interviews celebrities and experts on the trials and tribulations of love, their careers, and much more.

The Digital Podcast Network is rapidly gaining popularity amongst Latinx and African American viewers. Once again, listen to this latest episode with Kyla Pratt by going to the Digital Podcast Network:

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