Larsen Digital Debunks Film Conversion Myths

Larsen Digital takes common myths related to scanning services and explains the truth behind them, leaving consumers with more knowledge to make better decisions on behalf of their priceless memories,

Myth or Fact

Submitting film for scanning service can be a daunting task, and because misconceptions are made about the process, Larsen Digital is taking the time to dispel any rumors concerning film conversion.  Knowing this information can help customers with their scanning service needs in directing them to the right equipment and/or scanning service provider.

Most scanners produce similar results.  FALSE  Every scanner is unique with the settings and technologies they offer.  For achieving optimal results in a scanning service project, customers should choose a provider, or purchase professional grade equipment that has built in Digital ICE and high resolution capabilities.  The higher resolution that film is digitized at, the better the digital image will appear.  Larsen Digital only uses professional grade scanning service machines out there to give clients the best possible product.

Film fades and degrades over time.  TRUE  Unfortunately, film is not a timeless material.  The longer slides, negatives, movie film, video tapes and even photos sit, the more damage they will sustain.  Whether it is fading from the sun or mold and mildew from storage, the dyes on film will naturally pull away from the material, leaving the image discolored or even distorted.  The sooner scanning service gets completed on film, the better the outcome.  While completing a scanning service, Larsen Digital has the ability to take old film and give it new life with their digital image corrections to help film that has been damaged achieve new life.

Film being outsourced to other countries is safe.  FALSE  Companies that ship film out to other countries in order to obtain lower labor rates put film at severe risk.  When film is being outsourced to places such as India for scanning service completion, they travel on a barge ship making it easier for the film to get lost and/or destroyed.  There have been too many accidents concerning this type of shipment to feel safe submitting film for a scanning service that outsources.  Larsen Digital will never send precious memories away for cheaper rates, but completes all work in their state of the art facility in Utah.

Film itself is low definition.  FALSE  Film itself is actually high definition.  That is why movie companies can re-master films in high definition, because while the film itself hasn’t changed, equipment has improved, enabling companies to capture more of the definition held in the original film itself. 

There will always be unknowns when embarking on a new journey, and completing a scanning service project is no different.  Hopefully these facts vs myths will help clear up any thoughts out there in direction consumers around the world to make the wisest choices for their film.

Larsen Digital is a premier scanning service provider located in Pleasant View, Utah.  With services ranging from film digitization to digital slide shows, Larsen Digital has a wide array of capabilities to make the most of every memory.  Using top notch equipment and employing quality assurance tests, Larsen Digital is the number one name in the film conversion industry.

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