Larsen Digital Now Offering M-Disc Storage - 1,000 Year DVD's to Preserve Memories for Generations

Because Larsen Digital is always looking for ways to make memories last forever, they are now offering the new service of saving digital images and videos to the all new M-disc- a storage solution that will last 1,000 years! While regular DVD's require updating and transferring in order to keep the files safe, the M-disc is a solution that will last lifetimes, giving the ultimate peace of mind.

Larsen Digital, through their partnership with Steve Olson of Olson Digisave, is expanding their scanning service line to feature the newest in reliable data storage; giving customers the opportunity to store past memories on the M-Disc.  Compact Discs and DVD’s have previously been the go-to for image and file storage for over 20 years, but times have changed, and with it technology has improved- giving way to the 1,000 year long lasting M-disc.

The M-disc may look like an ordinary DVD on the outside- but the inside is what sets it apart.  The M-disc contains a carbon compound interior on which files and images are literally engraved.  When keeping files on a regular DVD disc, it is highly encouraged to transfer files to new discs every few years making it an unreliable source, but with the M-disc memories will last a lifetime without ever having to worry about moving files around again!  Even storing images and videos through a cloud storage provider after receiving a scanning service can be unreliable and unsecure, making the M-disc the premium option in file storing.

Memories are the footprint of one's life, and they deserve to stick around forever. The M-disc makes that possible with a lot less stress and worry than there's ever been before.

Christa Hubbard, Marketing

Memories are the footprint of one’s life, and they deserve to stick around forever.  The M-disc makes that possible with a lot less stress and worry than there’s ever been before.  Once an order has been placed with Larsen Digital for a scanning service such as movie film, slide, video tape or photo conversion, their customers can simply request to have the digital images and videos saved to an M-disc DVD rather than the traditional DVD.  Larsen Digital is a scanning service provider and a one stop shop for preserving the past and bringing it into the future, all with peace of mind!

Source: Larsen Digital Services


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