'Legend Day' Declared Honoring Afghan Who Saved Americans From Taliban

The City Council of Irvine, California, Proclaimed March 21, 2023 'Legend Day' Honoring an Afghan American for His Efforts to Save Americans and Allies in Afghanistan.

Legend Day Proclamation

In America's safest city, one U.S. Army combat veteran is making big waves around the world. His callsign is "Legend," and he's the only Afghan-American to be awarded his own holiday in the United States. 

At 3:30 PM PST, Mayor Farah Khan of Irvine, California, proclaimed March 21, 2023 #LegendDay on behalf of the Irvine City Council. She was joined by former Mayor Christina Shae, current City Council Member Larry Agran, as well as U.S. Military veterans and members of the Afghan and Iranian communities of Irvine. 

"Thank you for your brave leadership in this humanitarian crisis," Agran said to Legend. "I stand with you to do whatever we can for the Afghan people."

Legend Group Spokesperson Jazz Cannon received the award on Legend's behalf. 

"By proclaiming March 21, 2023 #LegendDay," Cannon said, "Irvine is sending a powerful message of unity and solidarity to the world with the occupied people of Afghanistan.

Legend was deeply moved by the gesture. 

"I want everyone, whether friend or enemy, to remember this honor given to a person from Afghanistan the next time you hear the harsh words that Americans have abandoned Afghanistan," Legend said upon hearing about the proclamation. "This holiday is proof that the American people stand with the freedom-loving people of Afghanistan."

"I dedicate this holiday to the 40 million victims of the Taliban regime," Legend continued. "I dedicate this to the 800,000 American veterans of the Afghanistan War, and our vocal supporter United States Congressman Mike Waltz. I dedicate this to the Afghan soldiers who are continuing the war against terrorism. And I dedicate this proclamation and this honor to my brother Commander Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, who is fighting against our common enemy."

It all started on Aug. 15th, 2021, when Legend, a retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, single-handedly went behind enemy lines to rescue American citizens, Afghan allies, and religious minorities from the clutches of the Taliban. 

For him, it's personal: he escaped the Taliban days before 9/11, and served his new nation honorably in the U.S. Army, deploying with former CENTCOM Commander General Joseph Votel to his former homeland during the War on Terror. Legend frequently returns to Afghanistan to continue helping those left behind. 

Today, Legend Group's extensive on-the-ground team provides evacuations, medical support, prenatal care, food, safe houses, and counter-human trafficking support for at-risk Afghan allies and their families in need. 

Legend Group Foundation is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization solving the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. For media queries or to support their work, contact Jazz Cannon at (321) 418-5253.

Source: Legend Group Foundation


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