Luca Faloni Announces Global Retail Expansion

Fast-growing Italian menswear brand Luca Faloni is set to open three new stores following the success of its omnichannel direct to consumer offer.

Luca Faloni Store

In what is a good news story for the retail industry, the brand has recently signed new leases in Milan, Munich and Miami. The first two stores will open by early summer and Miami will follow in September. 

Since the test launch of independent stores in both London and New York, Faloni's interactive store environment has positively impacted the brand's online offer, highlighting their continued belief in retail as a support channel for online even though the pandemic.

"You will never find us in a multi-brand store and we will always only sell directly on our website or through our stores," says founder Faloni. "Having our own stores means that we can better leverage the relationship with our customers within our own tailored environment. Online will always be the main channel for us, taking up 70% of sales, but now is the time to scale our offline part of the business. You need to have a strong physical presence to be a true global brand."

Mirroring the craftsmanship the brand is becoming so well known for, the stores will take on a consistent design aesthetic, but also include subtleties that pay homage to the city they reside in. "It's important that there is a narrative between online and in-store experiences, but we also wanted to make sure that we captured elements of our surroundings in each of the new spaces," says Faloni.

In Milan for instance, close to the brand's artisans and heritage, the Faloni team has worked with Italian architect Davide Barreri to incorporate elements of its surroundings, which were designed by well-known architect Piero Portaluppi. Germany is the third largest online market for the Luca Faloni brand, after US and UK, and the store in Munich represents a strategic move to increase its presence in the region. This store will use elements of copper to acknowledge the metal often used in other city buildings. Miami will be a window to a wide tourist audience and to showcase the linen collection all year round; this store will take on a bolder, more colourful and more symmetrical design and feel, aligning to the aesthetic of the city.

For this year the Luca Faloni offer will continue to grow organically, with a focus on an increased push to new territories as well as adding to the product range. 

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Source: Luca Faloni


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