Maestro and Azure Integration as a Single Platform for a Real Multi-Cloud Strategy

HTBASE Integrates Azure to Its Maestro Composable Software

HTBASE announces integration with Microsoft cloud, Azure. The company is leading the way in Composable Infrastructure and Multi-Cloud and have engineered a solution that allows businesses to pool all computing, storage and networking from disparate hardware within the local IT infrastructure and Azure cloud servers without transformation.

Maestro is one of the key modules within HTBASE's composable infrastructure stack. Through Maestro, IT Administrators can now move unmodified workloads — even OCH and VMware virtual machines, between cloud environments, both local and Azure, based on requirements such as performance, price or others.

This integration with Azure permits enable functions like:

  • Creation and control of virtual machines and objects, both locally and in Azure through a single pane of glass
  • Integration of network between local infrastructure and Azure servers, giving administrators the management and automation of layer 2 network between the two environments as one
  • Nested virtualization, for better resources utilization and cost reduction
  • Integration of Compute and Storage as part of the overall pool of resources so organizations can tier, move and replicate data, applications, containers and virtual machines between local environment and Azure without transformation
  • Delivery of a true Disaster & Recovery environment between local IT infrastructure and Azure servers

"Through our technology, HTBASE is enabling organizations to quickly adopt a multi-cloud environment, facilitating the move of workloads, drastically reducing costs and building a single infrastructure between local and Azure environments, allowing companies to quickly respond to growth and scalability," says Manish Pandit, a Software Engineer at HTBASE.

HTBASE is a technology solutions company dedicated to delivering radically simplified IT infrastructure that drives business agility in any enterprise. The company was recognized by Gartner twice, once in 2016 as "Cool Vendor" and again in 2017 as "Vendor to Watch."

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HTBASE is the first company to bring a true multi-cloud vision into reality, enabling organizations to easily move data and workloads between private and public clouds without data transformation.

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