Marketing Executives Leverage Newswire's Media Advantage Platform to Drive Online Visibility Through High-Tech, High-Touch Approach

Newswire, an industry leader in press release distribution and media technology, is helping small and medium-sized businesses increase online visibility at a lower price point by providing its Media Advantage Platform that includes experts, a customized plan, platform setup, production and performance through a cadence of automated press release campaigns designed to increase brand awareness online visibility, marketing inquiries and sales.

By utilizing Newswire staff and a platform designed for integrated media and marketing communications, small businesses now have the resources needed to utilize press release distribution to drive sales for less than the cost of a full-time equivalent while simultaneously driving sales to better compete. This is a powerful competitive weapon in an inflationary economy and a tight labor market.

Marketing executives across several industries leverage Newswire's MAP to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time easily and with minimal expense to achieve the Media Advantage: greater brand awareness, site traffic, SEO recognition, marketing inquiries, and increased sales.

"Newswire packaged its standalone assets to offer such a platform to small and mid-size businesses to help fellow marketing executives stressed by deadlines, limited budget, capricious algorithms, expensive clickthrough rates, costly software and lack of staff to help address CEOs' requests for greater marketing returns and more sales," said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire's Chief Marketing Officer.

The MAP addresses the pain with simple, cost-effective remedies:

  • Real strategy and production support: work with an award-winning team recognized for its dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Access the knowledge and relationships of seasoned experts without incurring the costs of building, training, and retaining an internal communications team.
  • Gain valuable insights and industry experience without committing to expensive agencies and consultants.

"The ability to create a deliverable plan with Newswire's team and then turn over production to industry experts allows small marketing teams to focus on other elements of campaigns while Newswire addresses content writing, distribution, media outreach, and repurposing of media through digital marketing," Terenzio said. "All for less than the cost of a single full-time employee."

Newswire's focus on customer success ensures that as part of the Media Advantage Platform, clients get the benefits of 15 years of experience through its high-tech, high-touch approach to media and marketing. Newswire's industry experts become an extension of clients' teams, using proven practices and powerful technology to help them achieve their media and marketing communications goals.

In 2022 alone, Newswire's experts have generated over 300 earned media mentions for clients in top outlets like Forbes, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and more. In addition, Newswire's team helps small and medium-sized businesses to repurpose media and content as a marketing channel to drive additional sales.

In addition, business leaders gain practical industry knowledge that translates into higher-quality campaigns and can be repurposed through digital marketing to drive more sales and growth.

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About Newswire

Newswire is a media technology company that provides its clients the Media Advantage Platform, consisting of press release distribution, media databases, media monitoring, and newsrooms that power the Media Advantage: greater brand awareness through earned media, increased online visibility through greater SEO recognition, and more sales inquiries through targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Through its disruptive Media Advantage Platform, relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, and passion for customer performance, Newswire is automating media and marketing communications for large and small businesses seeking to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time for the right purpose.

To learn more about Newswire and its Media Advantage Platform, visit and discover why our customers have named us #1 for Customer Satisfaction and Ease of Use for four years in a row.

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