Mars Growth Capital and Liquidity Group Provides $30M in Funding to Fashinza, the Leading B2B Marketplace for Global Fashion Supply Chains

Mars Growth Capital | Fashinza

Mars Growth Capital and Liquidity Group, a pioneering technology firm that has become the industry's fastest-growing lender to mid-market, late-stage companies globally by automating the entire debt lending cycle, announced a $30M funding deal with Fashinza, an AI-driven B2B marketplace for global fashion supply chains. The funding will fuel Fashinza's ongoing transition into a global business in the USA, Gulf, and Europe.

Fashion is constantly evolving, but never more than now in the age of Tiktok and Instagram. To stay ahead of the curve, fashion brands must be agile and have highly efficient supply chain management. Fashinza provides an innovative solution for this problem by connecting SMEs directly to top fashion brands worldwide. By creating an online platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect seamlessly, Fashinza is revolutionizing how fashion works in today's digital age.

"Fashinza is transforming the global fashion supply chain. Their performance since inception, the strength of their founding team, and their existing global network of manufacturers and customers gave us enough confidence in their ability to scale this business and sustain in the medium to long-term," remarked Navas Ebin, Managing Director of APAC for Mars Growth Capital and Liquidity Group.

"As we focus on expanding our presence in international markets, including the USA, we are excited to partner with Liquidity Group to support our growth and to bring our innovative manufacturing solutions to a global audience," said Abhishek Sharma, Co-Founder, and COO of Fashinza. "With their flexible cross-border financing solutions and extensive knowledge of navigating international markets, we are confident that we can successfully penetrate new markets and provide our manufacturing solutions to key clients worldwide. We remain committed to delivering exceptional service to our key customers in the USA and beyond as we continue to revolutionize the fashion manufacturing industry," Abhishek Sharma added.

Fashinza will use the capital to meet its growing international working capital requirements. "Our capital is non-asset based and will hence support Fashinza to grow their business internationally in the most capital-efficient manner," said Navas Ebin.

"Mars Growth Capital and Liquidity Group have been supporting companies like Fashinza to transition into becoming truly global businesses," added Nir Shmueli, Investment Manager at Mars Growth Capital and Liquidity Group. 

About Liquidity Group

Founded in 2018, Liquidity Group is a pioneering technology firm that's become the industry's fastest-growing lender to mid-market, late-stage companies by automating the entire debt lending cycle. The firm's patented machine learning and decision science technology enabled the firm to deploy more capital through more deals faster than any firm in capital markets history. Backed by top financial institutions, including Apollo and MUFG, Liquidity Group provides growth capital through funds focused on the U.S., Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. Liquidity Group's subsidiary fund, Singapore-based Mars Growth Capital, and its partner, MUFG, jointly handle the company's South East Asia activity. 

Source: Mars Growth Capital Liquidity Group


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