Maximum Fantasy Sports Continues Operating in Nevada and New York

Maximum Fantasy Sports is continuing to offering Daily Fantasy Football leagues in Nevada and New York due to its unique DFS games.

​​With all of the controversy that is currently surrounding the Daily Fantasy Sports industry, particularly the companies; DraftKings and FanDuel, Maximum Fantasy Sports is sticking by its offerings as a game of skill that adheres to the intent of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006. They plan to continue offering their contests in Nevada and New York as they feel that they do not fall under the rash decisions made in haste that are targeted at DraftKings and FanDuel.

Maximum Fantasy Sports does not offer Salary Cap games, nor the big tournaments. Their daily fantasy football games focus on smaller contests featuring lineups that are built via the standard method of building season-long fantasy teams; online drafts. “Our site was developed in the heyday of season-long fantasy football games as that was, and still is, our passion. When we added our Daily, Weekly and Monthly fantasy football games, we wanted them to mirror what makes season-long games special, which is building a truly unique team within a league by executing a draft strategy against others that are executing their draft strategy.”, said Bill Parsons, President of Maximum Fantasy Sports.

Season-long fantasy leagues were the exact reason that the UIGEA was created; to exempt companies that offer season-long fantasy sports contests from being prevented from offering their online services due to the skill involved in building their fantasy teams. “Salary Cap games are similar to puzzle-building. You try to build the best team possible by sticking pieces together that fit within a limit. It is laughable that these companies call building a team in a Salary Cap league “drafting”. There is no draft. There is real skill in drafting players in a draft room against others that is not found in Salary Cap games.” added Parsons.

Maximum Fantasy Sports has always provided the widest array of fantasy football configuration options in the fantasy sports industry to Private leagues and they use them to create a variety of game options in their Public leagues. This allows them to create numerous game types instead of a solitary one like most DFS companies. These leagues are found weekly in the Open Leagues section of their website. These contests all feature online drafts so the contestants are looking at players differently than Salary Cap leagues as they also have to project what round their opponents will be targeting to draft the same players. Besides using analytical skills in evaluating how healthy players are and how they perform against their opponent’s defense, in certain weather conditions, they also have to assume that their opponent is making similar conclusions and they need to build contingency plans on how to change their draft strategy on the fly if the draft shifts from their expected trajectory. This sure sounds like a Game of Skill to me.


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