METALSUPDATE Goes Global With Top-Level Domain Name is now

METALSUPDATE, the metals intelligence division of POLYMERUPDATE has moved to a new location on the internet at Launched in July 2015, the website has already started creating a stir in metal markets across the country.

The online portal—METALSUPDATE—provides a cross section of metals industry information such as latest news, pricing information, expert market commentary, technical outlook and statistics on mobile and desktop. Earlier launched as, the new and improved website is now hosted at—a global commercial platform for the dissemination of metals-related news and pricing information.

“After considering the positive industry-wide response attained by METALSUPDATE in the first few weeks of its launch, going global by reaching out to international markets and audiences and ramping up publicizing and marketing activities seemed to be the next steps towards establishing METALSUPDATE as a leading global metals market information provider,” said Neeraj Rawal, COO and VP-Marketing at METALSUPDATE.

“Moreover, the fact that METALSUPDATE caters to the international metals markets as well, the move from a second-level national domain to a top-level domain seemed appropriate and in accordance with the international high standards set by POLYMERUPDATE,” added Mr. Rawal.

Mr. Sajjid Mitha, Founder and President of POLYMERUPDATE and METALSUPDATE said “the fast-changing global environment makes it is pertinent to remain abreast of market information to safeguard business interest from unexpected developments. The inspiring initial response METALSUPDATE has garnered proves its potential and we endeavor to make METALSUPDATE the largest global metals industry information provider, very much like POLYMERUPDATE is in the petrochemicals and polymers space.”

METALSUPDATE attempts to replicate the tried and tested business model of POLYMERUPDATE through the provision of the latest news and pricing information on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, precious metals and scrap metals with a special focus on India. The website also boasts of historical pricing data and news information from the past 3 years. The online platform intends to empower metal producers, service centers, metal consuming end-users, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), manufacturers and recyclers through cutting-edge business-critical information enabling them make the best strategic purchasing decisions.


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