MindHeart Lab Robotics Appoints Former Lexmark CEO, Rich Geruson, as Board Chair

Rich Geruson

​​​​​​​​​​MindHeart Lab (“MindHeart” or the “Company”), maker of the EduPal Robot Platform, is excited to welcome Rich Geruson, former CEO and President of global technology giant Lexmark International, Inc., to the Company’s Board of Directors as Board Chair.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Rich to our Board,” commented Tony Meador, MindHeart Lab CEO and Founder. “His track record as a top Fortune 500 executive speaks for itself, and we believe he truly understands our vision at MindHeart, as we build a revolutionary solution to the interface barrier, and mobilize AI in a more human and responsible way to address critical needs. Rich will bring a heavy dose of experience, credibility, and knowledge to the table as we navigate our path to commercialization and growth.”

Geruson has led a storied career as a pioneer and top executive in the global technology sector over the past 25 years. His first post as CEO was at VoiceSignal, where he increased shareholder value over 10-fold in less than 4 years, and negotiated an exit valued above a third of a billion dollars. As CEO of Phoenix Technologies, Geruson achieved 20-25% year-over-year EBITDA growth for six consecutive years. As CEO and President of Lexmark, he led a Fortune 500 multibillion-dollar technology company with over 10,000 employees and customer accounts ranging over $100M across 170 countries in every industry sector from banking to retail to healthcare. Under his leadership, Lexmark saw device sales grow faster than during any stretch in the company’s prior decade of operations, transforming the business from negative EBITDA and high debt to a positive EBITDA of hundreds of millions of dollars and healthy debt levels.

Geruson received his Ph.D. in Economics from Oxford University after serving as research faculty at Harvard Business School. He currently serves as Chair of NexOptic Technology Corp. and as General Partner and Managing Director of Fifth Floor Venture Partners.

“After getting to know the team at MindHeart Lab, and after seeing their remarkable technology and disruptive model, I believe this Company has the capacity to deliver enormous positive social impact and to simultaneously create tremendous value for its shareholders in the process,” commented Geruson. “EduPal is a cutting-edge platform capable of redefining the AI and robotics markets. The team that has come together at MindHeart is exceptional in every way, and extremely capable of executing on the enormous potential in play here. It’s amazing how far they have come in such a short time, and I can’t wait to see where this goes from here.”

MindHeart Lab recently announced its selection to join the exclusive BrainMind Ecosystem, Chaired by LinkedIn Founder, Reid Hoffman. The Company also recently forged several key strategic partnerships and just booked its first major pre-order from a prominent California-based hospital network. MindHeart is currently in negotiations for additional strategic relationships with several Fortune 500 companies. The Company also recently welcomed the President of Verizon Media onto its Advisory Board.

MindHeart Lab President and Co-Founder, Maureen Dunne, added, “It’s unusual for a company at our relatively early stage to attract someone of Rich’s pedigree and caliber into the mix, and we are thrilled to welcome him as Board Chair. We have made tremendous strides in recent months, but we are moving toward new challenges and new opportunities, and his experience will add immeasurable value.”

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