Network Distributed Backup High Speeds and Reliability Overview for Handy Backup Network Server

Novosoft LLC, an acclaimed backup service provider, released a new version of Handy Backup Network Server, featuring distributed network backup for corporate networks.

Novosoft, a developer of data protection solutions for Windows and mixed OS networks, announced the release of a new version of Handy Backup software, edition Network Server. The product is announced to feature a novel distributed backup approach to corporate network data protection via fast server-workstation and workstation-workstation interaction.

"If you want to find a single word to describe the essence of today's corporate computer networks, to the best of my concern this will be 'distributed'. The computers are running on different platforms (desktop and mobile) and under various OS, with different bandwidth limits and load balancing, and often are located in different offices within one company. What is required to provide a company which has a distributed network with a up-to-date backup solution is non-standard approach to data protection. That is exactly what the new Handy Backup Network Server does: it goes beyond standards to provide with a distributed backup solution the way you see it," said Aleksey Dolgushev, the head of the business development department of Handy Backup.

The newly released Handy Backup is claimed to be one of the most powerful distributed backup solutions (more at ) in the product segment, in the sense of managing big data sets, speed of data processing, and flexibility of data distribution over a network.

The network backup version presents a new approach to server-workstation and workstation-workstation interaction.

The server-workstation interaction now utilizes a novel data copying routine which can transfer only newly created or modified files for reducing distributed network backup time and traffic. Also, temp file usage is minimized, so the storage used for backup is what the actual data require.

The workstation-workstation backup functionality helps to reduce the backup time even more, as from now on there is no need to transfer data to the central backup server to distribute it over a network. Now the workstations can interact individually among one another, which helps to apply the backup routine to a rich class of network configuration ("literally any network", as the Novosoft representative says).

Networks which the new edition of Handy Backup provides backup functionality for can now run under different OS. As the backup administrator console still has to run on a Windows machine, the support for Linux and Mac workstations is announced.

Traditionally for the 7.2 line of Handy Backup, the network edition features fast incremental and differential backup, a variety of security options (support of FTPS/SFTP and internal system of user authorization), and plug-ins for hot MS Exchange, MS SQL, and other server-side platform backup.

The new version, Handy Backup Network Server 7.2, is available on, the official website.

About Handy Backup

Handy Backup is a family of backup software products for data protection of Windows PCs, servers, mixed OS networks, and Android mobile devices. The software prices range from $0 for Handy Backup for Android, the mobile app, to $599 for Handy Backup Network Server, the mixed OS remote backup tool. The current version is 7.2. For more information, feel welcome to visit the official Handy Backup brand page, Handy Backup on Google+, Facebook, and @Handy_Backup channel on Twitter. For product discussions and best practices, check the Handy Backup support Google Group at

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