San Jose California: Neutral Fact Finder Provides Evidence That Large Solar Flares Set Off Global Warming/Glacial Retreat and That CO2 Increases That Count Most Are Coming From Melting Glaciers

President Elect Trump and incoming EPA director Pruit rightfully skeptical of consensus climate scientists claims says Brian Kelleher, Engr.

​​​​​​​​​The following is the opinion of Kelleher & Associates Environmental Mgmt LLC as to why the earth's atmosphere had been warming since 1860 amidst a glacial retreat:

President Elect Trump and incoming EPA director rightfully skeptical of consensus climate scientists claims

Climate scientists that have been loudly proclaiming that CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels are causing the current glacial retreat are throwing science out the window by not properly accounting for the source of the increasing CO2. With the contents of this press release, I claim to have proven that melting glaciers produce their own greenhouse gas emissions directly above and surrounding the melt line through interaction with the earth's oceans and atmosphere also explaining all prior glacial retreats.

Brian T. Kelleher, Principal Environmental Engineer

President Trump, NASA, NOAA, EPA and interested parties:

I am among the country’s top environmental engineers and have been used extensively over the past several decades by the California Courts as a neutral fact finder who helps case special masters and litigating parties resolve legal disputes over who is liable for legacy pollution of contaminated properties without the need for trial. Within this role I am provided many linear feet of technical reports, pleadings, case summaries, expert witness reports, etc. I conduct a dispassionate unbiased review of the data and provide the case special masters and litigating parties with concise unbiased conclusions and recommendations that cannot be used at trial. In so doing, I have developed a certain keen ability for quickly seeing the forest through the trees when it comes to assessing massive amounts of technical scientific data. Given all that is at stake and because it is right up my alley, I felt a moral and professional obligation to apply my special talent and experience to the vitally important question at hand.

This is my second press release on the subject, both giving notice that when viewed objectively by a neutral fact finder, the evidence is showing that the rapid rise in atmospheric CO2 levels commencing in 1860 is the predictable result of the ongoing rapid glacial retreat; and that today's glacial retreat--like all previous retreats--is/was sustained by greenhouse gas emissions that occur naturally along the melt lines rather than from human sources that are disbursed into the vast atmosphere. The findings on the effect of large solar flares confirm my prior conclusion # 1 as to the likely triggering cause of the post 1860 glacial melting and the rapid acceleration since 1970.

Based on additional research as to why CO2 levels rise so fast during rapid glacial retreats, I am adding the following item (f) to conclusion #5 of my first release which lists five ways that melting glaciers discharge CO2 to the atmosphere: (f) the wind-and/or-current-driven seasonal upwelling of massive volumes of various classes of fresh and salt water and gases in the arctic region in early to mid spring and early winter. This includes but is not limited to the upwelling/release of frigid CO2-supersaturated seawater and trapped gases lying directly below the base of the retreating glaciers. Correlating with this addition, I am expanding conclusion # 7 which reasons that it has to be water vapor hovering above the melt line that creates the positive greenhouse gas feedback effect that sustains a rapid glacial retreat to include CO2 and methane steadily rising from near the melt lines.

Background – In 1984, climate scientists discovered a huge hole in the outer atmosphere’s ozone layer directly above the South Pole and have been monitoring its dimensions since then. In February 2011, climate scientists discovered that a second huge hole had suddenly opened over the northern hemisphere and have been monitoring its strength and dimensions since then. The ozone layer protects earth from the harmful effects of the enormous amounts of ultraviolet (UV) light that arrive as solar energy by absorbing/reacting with UV light.

Evidence on Solar Flare Impacts -  Please see my attached sketch and related data summary for 1856 through 2015 showing documented X-category (massive) solar flares striking earth plotted against ground-level temperatures using a trend graph prepared by the Hadley Centre and Climate Research Unit; it shows an obvious cause and effect relationship. I similarly noted that based on tree-ring carbon-14 evidence, large solar flares striking the earth during 774-75 and 993-94 AD apparently caused the Medieval Warm period (Miyaki et al, Nature, 486, 2012). 

Evidence on Source of Rising CO2 - I am pointing to all research results associated with what climate scientists call "polar or arctic amplification" to support my first press release conclusion that rapidly rising atmospheric CO2 is the result of rapidly melting glaciers interacting with the earth's oceans and atmosphere. I am also pointing to the visual evidence provided by the following NASA video showing global CO2 distribution over the course of 2006. In viewing the video, please train your eyes on the coast of Greenland and note the constant deep red color for the peak melt period that year in April/May 2006 and then surprisingly again commencing on December 7, 2006: 

Conclusions  The data I reviewed is telling me that the current period of global warming has been triggered, sustained and accelerated by giant solar eruptions starting with the epic 1859 Carrington Event. I am pointing in particular to a group of about 40 monster flares (greater than X2.5) and lesser flares arriving pretty much one after the other between 1972 and 2015 which correlates exactly with when global warming/glacial retreat dramatically picked up pace. I conclude that these fast-moving solar flares that periodically strike earth with charged particles created by coronal mass eruptions (CMEs), temporarily damage/weaken earth’s outer atmosphere. The data is showing that these events create localized size-dependent downward spikes of ozone depletion during which a great deal of extra UV radiation and other thermal energy reaches the lower atmosphere primarily in the arctic regions.  Fortunately, ozone destroyed by solar storms is replenished in its reaction with incoming UV light. On the basis of satellite data NASA published in December 2008, I conclude that those events that arrive with an initial burst of excited hydrogen atoms called Moreton waves do the most damage and fan out much further than the CME plasma particles. In forming the above conclusions, I took into consideration the following NASA research: Jackman, et al. “Northern Hemisphere atmospheric effects due to the July 2000 solar proton event,” Geophysical Research Letters, August 1, 2001 (Vol. 28, No. 15).

NASA satellite imagery coupled with ground surface CO2 data collected in the arctic regions is telling me that the peak period of worldwide CO2 generation for 2006 and 2014-15 occurred from mid February through early June in both years and also surprisingly commencing on December 7, 2006 and that it was emanating primarily from today's melting glacier regions in the northern hemisphere (see refs 1 and 2 below for some of the reasons). On December 6, 7, 14 and 15 the earth was struck by huge X9, X6, X3, X1.5 solar flares with the first two and final strikes comprised primarily of ozone damaging Moreton waves striking sunlit earth head on.

Other References - My conclusions are solidly supported by the following recently published research findings:  (1) Else, et al, "Sea surface pCO2 cycles and CO2 fluxes at landfast sea ice edges in Amundsen Gulf, Canada," Journal of Geophysical Research, vol, 117, 2012. (2) Crichton, et al, "Permafrost Carbon as a missing link to explain CO2 changes during the last deglaciation," Nature Geoscience, Aug 22, 2016. (3) Solanki, et al, “Unusual activity of the Sun during recent decades compared to the previous 11,000 years,” Nature, Vol. 431, No. 7012, Oct 28, 2004. “According to our reconstruction, the level of solar activity during the past 70 years [since 1944] is exceptional.” (4) Adolphi, et al. Lund University, Sweden, “Persistent link between solar activity and Greenland climate change during the last Glacial Maximum, Nature Geoscience,” Aug 17, 2014. “The study [of the last glacial retreat] shows an unexpected link between solar activity and climate change. It shows both that changes in solar activity are nothing new and that solar activity influences the climate, especially at the regional level.” (5) The following NASA satellite imagery for 2014-15:

Recommendations  To  put a frightened world at ease, NASA and NOAA should hold a joint news conference announcing that recent satellite imagery from the NASA O CO-2 space program coupled with data recently collected by climate scientists who have been investigating a phenomenon called arctic or polar acceleration has revealed that the current period of rapid CO2 increases that matters most to climate scientists are associated with rapidly melting glaciers interacting with the earth's oceans and atmosphere and not the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities. They should also tell the world that the current period of glacial retreat and the last that occurred about 11,000 years ago both appear to be associated with periods of unusually strong solar activity and that CO2 is being reevaluated as a pollutant that needs to be emergency regulated to prevent climate change. This supersedes my prior recommendations.

I warrant that I have conducted my investigations impartially and believe my conclusions are sufficiently supported by valid scientific evidence to stand up in a court of law.

Disclaimer  This press release contains the personal opinions of an American citizen based on his understanding of technical data and his experience as a neutral court consultant. Despite my professional standing, I am not claiming to be a professional engineer nor a consulting engineer given where I reside. California, unlike the rest of the country, does not grant licenses to environmental engineers given a long standing preference by its licensing board to rely primarily on state registered geologists to protect the state's lands, indoor air and waters. 


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