Neutrino Energy: How Scientists Are Helping Struggling World Leaders to Tackle the Climate Crisis

The infancy of Neutrinovoltaic Technology

The 50th World Economic Forum has kicked off in the Swiss city of Davos

‚ÄčThe 50th World Economic Forum has kicked off in the Swiss city of Davos with an agenda that is focused heavily on climate change as world leaders struggle to tackle the crisis. The four-day annual gathering of some of the world's top political and business leaders in the Swiss Alps is seeking to meet head-on the dangers to both the environment and the economy from global warming. In the midst of the meeting, Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO of the Neutrino Energy Group, is answering questions and promoting the idea of Neutrino Energy.

Petty resource squabbling goes on unabated

Today, the root of all global ills can be traced to conflicts over fossil fuels. While human beings would undoubtedly still find things to squabble over, even with our energy problems solved, our time has been defined by the insidious role that petrochemicals and fossil fuels have played in both the macrocosm of public life and the microcosm of subjective reality.

Ultimately, the source of the problem lies deeper than the level of mere liquified dinosaur guts. It's our economic system, which is based on the artificial commoditization of natural resources, which is to blame for the rapacious effects that fossil fuels have had on the environment and our personal lives.

Change is coming and none too soon. If we were to tread much farther down this path, all the technological gains that the petro-revolution has afforded us would prove no less ephemeral than an oil bubble on the wind. 

The infancy of Neutrinovoltaic Technology 

In 2015, Japanese and Canadian scientists simultaneously discovered that neutrinos have mass, which means that they also have energy. This monumental discovery opened up a hitherto unexplored arena of energy production that is currently revolutionizing the global energy landscape.

Every moment of every day, neutrinos bombard the Earth by the trillions. Unlike wind and solar power, neutrinovoltaic technology is not dependent on environmental conditions to operate. Neutrino energy can be collected constantly, which eliminates the need to store electrical energy.

Currently, neutrinovoltaic technology is in its infancy. According to Holger Thorsten Schubart, the day is rapidly approaching in which it will be possible to power low-consumption devices, like smartphones and tablets, with nothing more than the ethereal neutrinos that are constantly passing through everything we see. 

Within a few short decades, the scientists and engineers at the Neutrino Energy Group envision a world in which every home and business is equipped with a neutrino energy production device that handles all daily energy consumption needs. Our current reliance on inefficient energy grids will be eliminated, current renewable energy technologies will become obsolete, and the need to store electrical energy will become a thing of the past.

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