Neutrino Energy is This Generation's Solar Energy

Photovoltaic energy was discovered in the mid-19th century. It wasn't until more than a century later, however, that solar panels found their first practical application in space exploration. Even then, critics lampooned the idea that photovoltaic devices could ever serve as reliable energy production technologies down here on Earth. Today, however, solar panels are among the most popular renewable energy devices, and solar energy has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Neutrino Energy

The Neutrino Energy Group, led by Holger Thorsten Schubart, is convinced that we are encountering a similar situation in the case of neutrino-generated electricity. While skeptics continue to doubt the validity of neutrinovoltaic energy generation, Schubart and his team have already demonstrated the practical utility of neutrino energy many times over.

Neutrinovoltaics Are a Natural Evolution of Photovoltaics

Like photons, neutrinos are also produced by the sun. Unlike photons, however, neutrinos pass through rather than strike most objects. Estimates suggest that 60 billion neutrinos pass through every square centimeter of the Earth's surface every day.

For decades, scientists concluded that neutrinos do not carry energy. With the 2015 discovery that neutrinos possess mass, however, it was proven that neutrinos have energy-generation potential.

As a result, neutrino energy can be considered a natural evolution of solar energy. Since sunlight is visible and warm, it's obviously the form of solar radiation that scientists would first turn to for energy production. While more ethereal, however, neutrinovoltaic may prove to be much more practical for energy generation as time goes by.

Neutrino Energy Is the Revolution the Future Needs

Already, the United States Department of Energy has recognized the validity of neutrino energy production, and millions of dollars have been poured into neutrino research around the world. According to Schubart, however, it's time this research takes a more practical approach.

While recognizing the impressive positive changes that modern technologies have wrought in our lives, Schubart laments that "when it comes to energy production, we are, figuratively speaking, still standing in a phone booth that only takes coins and has a rotary dial." According to former Austrian Undersecretary Gernot Spanninger, "the necessity for a technological revolution in the field of energy production cannot be asserted clearly enough - or often enough." Neutrino energy is that very revolution.

Neutrino Energy Is Proven and Environmentally Friendly

Since they can produce electrical energy continuously even in complete darkness, neutrinovoltaic devices are both simpler and more reliable than their photovoltaic counterparts. Neutrinovoltaic devices produced by the Neutrino Energy Group have been proven to produce electricity in laboratory settings.

In neutrino energy, humanity finally has a reliable solution to the modern energy crisis. Neutrinovoltaic devices still have a ways to go before they can be practically implemented, but just as with photovoltaic cells, this new technology will eventually be accepted as a viable solution to the world's energy needs.

Author: Stephen Underwood

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