Neutrino Energy: The Answer to Rapidly Spreading Diesel Bans

Major German Cities Like Berlin Have Been Sentenced to Diesel Driving Bans

Neutrino Energy: The Answer to Rapidly Spreading Diesel Bans

BERLIN, July 29, 2019 (Newswire) -‚ÄčTo combat the menace of fossil fuel pollution, German cities across the country have put diesel bans in place that prevent vehicles with diesel engines from operating on certain roadways. Since diesel trucks are necessary for carrying goods, this desperate attempt to save the environment strays close to deindustrialization. Cheap, renewable energy is needed to keep supply lines intact, and neutrino energy may well be the solution.

Bans on Diesel Vehicles Reach Berlin

Bans on Euro 1 through Euro 5 diesel vehicles came into effect on 11 major roadways in Berlin recently. Berlin may end up extending this ban an additional 15 kilometers of road, and certain groups want diesel vehicles to be banned throughout the entire city of Berlin. Without adequate electric vehicles to take their place, however, this ban threatens to damage the German economy.

Banning Diesel Ends Nitrogen Dioxide Emissions - But at What Cost?

While carbon dioxide emissions appear to cause a greenhouse effect, nitrogen dioxide is the agent responsible for toxic smog. Over time, it's become obvious that all internal combustion vehicles emit more nitrogen dioxide than is allowed under the EU's emissions regulations. It would be necessary to retrofit every single gas or diesel car in the EU to solve this problem, and Germany's smog problem is only getting worse.

For people who are already highly taxed by the government, finding the money to retrofit vehicles would just add to the strain, and stakeholders continue to debate the right way to go about this process. In the meantime, an increasing number of local lawmakers are deciding to cut the Gordian Knot and simply ban high-emissions vehicles altogether.

Without diesel trucks, what will deliver the food and goods that urban residents need to survive? Electric vehicles are one potential solution, but Germany's network of power stations is still too sparse. While a battery might be able to take a small sedan up to 300 miles, the type of power offered by batteries is nowhere near enough to keep up with the needs of a heavy-duty diesel truck.

Plus, it's important to point out that electric vehicles still cause carbon dioxide emissions. Until the electrical grid runs entirely on renewable energy sources, any use of electricity will inevitably release pollutants into the atmosphere.

Neutrino Energy Provides the Answer to Pressing Economic and Environmental Concerns

In 2015, scientists working in Canada and Japan independently discovered that neutrinos have mass, and according to E=mc2, this means that they also have energy. Every day, uncounted trillions of neutrinos strike our bodies and our surroundings, but until recently, generating energy with these passing "ghost particles" was nothing more than a utopian fantasy.

These days, however, the potential to generate energy from neutrinos is becoming increasingly real. The pioneering scientists and engineers at the Neutrino Energy Group have succeeded in patenting a proprietary device that generates energy through neutrinos as they pass by. While this technology is still in its infancy, the day isn't far off when neutrinos will be used to power smartphones, appliances, and yes, even motor vehicles.

To capture the energy of neutrinos, the Neutrino Energy Group's device uses incredibly thin layers of silicon and graphene that have been adhered to a metallic substrate. When neutrinos strike these layers of nanoparticles, simultaneous horizontal and vertical impulses result in a harmonic resonance. Using a special converter, this kinetic energy can be transformed into usable electricity.

Neutrino Energy Will Change Motor Vehicles Forever

Vehicles powered by neutrino energy devices would power themselves while in operation. While batteries might be needed for intensive maneuvers like uphill driving and overtaking other vehicles, neutrino-powered heavy trucks would be able to maintain cruising speed with nothing more than the energy derived from passing neutrinos.

With the neutrino-powered vehicles of the future, there will be no need to waste time and money stopping for recharging breaks. Neutrino trucks will be able to drive unlimited distances without recharging, which eliminates the range issue with current electric vehicle technology. There will be no need for recharging stations, and since neutrino energy is fully sustainable and renewable, the rise of neutrino-powered vehicles will end humanity's dangerous introduction of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide into the atmosphere.

About the Neutrino Energy Group

Headed by CEO Holger Thorsten Schubart, the Neutrino Energy Group is a combined effort of German and American companies that have chosen to tackle the modern energy crisis head-on. No longer can we wait and hope that technologies like solar and wind power will save us from our pressing energy insecurity and pollution problems, and every day, the dangers of fossil fuels make themselves even more apparent. That's why the Neutrino Energy Group is hard at work developing the energy solutions of the future that will protect future generations and provide endless, renewable energy to all of mankind.

While Schubart doesn't see the Neutrino Energy Group becoming a vehicle manufacturer itself, he does plan to build neutrino-powered engines and supply this technology to truck and car manufacturers around the world. Neutrino energy works tirelessly through the day and night, and in an era in which Germany and the rest of the world appear to be shying away from the bounty of the industrial age, neutrino energy is poised to save humanity from the dangers of deindustrialization.

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