​Neutrinovoltaic Will Supply Infinite Energy in the Age of Homo Electricus

Human society is now entirely dependent upon electricity. While individual human beings might be able to survive a global loss of electrical power, our culture would evaporate immediately, leaving chaos in its wake.

​Neutrinovoltaic Will Supply Infinite Energy in the Age of Homo Electricus

​Currently, global society is on life support in the form of fossil fuels. Holger Thorsten Schubart and his team at the Neutrino Energy Group hope to put humanity back on its feet, ready to face a new era from a position of freedom and independence.

Neutrinovoltaic Devices Will Power the Internet-Connected World

Not only is ample electricity increasingly vital to the continuation of human civilization, but our electronic devices are becoming more numerous and complex. While electronics become more energy-efficient every year, they're also tasked with increasingly intensive tasks.

Doorbells are now surveillance cameras as well as musical chimes that inform you when visitors arrive. Vacuum cleaners are now self-determining robots that map your home. Thermostats now think while they heat.

All of these devices require steady flows of electrical power, and many of them must remain connected to the internet at all times. Servicing these needs is difficult with conventional plug-in power grids and batteries, but neutrinovoltaic electricity will satisfy the needs of our ever-growing array of Internet of Things (IoT) devices without breaking a sweat.

Neutrino Energy and Intelligent Power Management Will Combine

Since 2015, scientists have known that neutrinos possess mass, and in 2017, experimental researchers proved that this mass can be converted into electricity. Currently capable of powering low-load devices, such as sensors and LEDs, neutrinovoltaic electricity will soon power devices of all shapes and sizes.

Bridging the gap between the limited capacity of neutrino power and the demand of modern electronic devices will be accomplished with the help of intelligent power management. Devices that require less electricity will be the best-served by neutrinovoltaic electricity, and in time, neutrino energy will entirely eliminate the need for batteries and conventional AC power sources.

The Neutrino Energy Group Will Lead the Way

Humanity is now so thoroughly dependent on electricity that some scholars suggest we've entered the age of Homo electricus, the electric man. With the great freedom that Homo electricus has won, however, also come heavy shackles.

Now, more than ever, the human race is controlled by those who control the power supply, and fossil fuel power is centralized and dispersed using a model that places maximizing profits as its highest goal. Decentralized and powered by the endless flood of invisible radiation that permeates the universe, neutrinovoltaic power will revolutionize society, ushering in an age of global freedom.

Homo electricus is destined to use his machines for the furtherance of liberty. With the help of the Neutrino Energy Group, the electric man will find the means to break his chains.

Author: Stephen Underwood

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