New Book 'Marketing on Fleek' is a Fresh Take on How to Approach Marketing in 2020

Recently released book "Marketing on Fleek: How to Make Your Marketing & Professional Efforts Count In A Customer-Centric World", by Kobi Ben Meir, KEB Media author, is a treatise on how anyone with passion, determination and the willingness to make it big in marketing can realize their dream.

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The author’s motto “If you don’t have a personal mountain to climb, you might as well not exist,” (Kobi B.Meir), sums up the essence of his new book. 

The book is available now worldwide on Amazon with a free option via Kindle Unlimited. Readers can also find it at other retailers like Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Google Books and more. 

The book's goal is to present the reader with an approach to the professional and marketing world that is straightforward and effective, with insights they can implement right away. It goes through self-development, self-esteem and work environment into the history of marketing aspects and best practices, with real-life experience. Learn all the secrets, tips and pro advice to become an expert in the marketing strategy world. ​

“Marketing on Fleek” covers critical and practical information that a professional needs to be successful without losing sight of the big picture. This includes methods that can rejuvenate ailing self-esteem, an exploration of the needs of the modern consumer and an insider look into B2B and B2C markets.

The Israel-born author uses “Marketing on Fleek – How to Make Your Marketing And Professional Efforts Count In A Customer-Centric World” to detail not only the personal and professional obstacles he overcame but how the lessons he learned along the way shaped his outlook.

Readers can find the book on Amazon with paperback and Kindle versions. See here.

About the author 

Kobi Ben Meir is an award-winning marketing, branding, business development professional and a communication council, a writer, speaker, mentor and panelist. He is the head of the marketing divisions for Yalber and Got Capital and Director of Brand Marketing for SmartAlec. His rich experience and unique approach elevate the brands he works with to new levels. He was previously nominated four times for marketer of the year, and his campaigns won numerous awards from establishments like The Drum, AVA, IAC, Association of National Advertisers and more.

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